40 Years in America

Everybody Wants True Love

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Fourth True Family Values Ministry Annual Awards Banquet
Westin Hotel OíHare, Chicago, IL
Nov. 20, 1999

The ceiling of the newly-renovated Manhattan Center, New York City

Respected religious leaders, I am truly grateful that so many of you have taken time out of your busy schedules to gather here for the Fourth True Family Values Ministry Awards Banquet.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what is the most important thing that we need more than anything else? It is not money, power or knowledge. It is true love. True love is more precious than life itself and more important to us than air or water. Why is true love so precious and important? It is because it is the means by which we can meet God. Just as human beings desire to meet God, God also wants to meet true human beings because of love. The love by which God can see, touch and share with men and women at the same time, is the love by which men and women love each other. If anything other than love were to be recognized as the most valuable thing in the universe, men and women would fight each other to try to claim it for themselves. Once we realize that love is the highest value, however, we can strive to live for each other and become one with each other, sharing the happiness of possessing love together.

Everyone desires love. Love is the only thing that can satisfy all human desires. It is humankindís, and Godís, unfailing attraction to love that makes Godís providence of salvation possible. Fundamentally, love belongs to God. Yet even God cannot possess love all by Himself. Love requires a mutual relationship. A man by himself or a woman by herself cannot experience love.

Women exist for the sake of menís love and men exist for the sake of womenís love. Regardless of external appearance, in our heart each of us desires a mate with whom we can give and receive the highest level of love.

When we examine the universe, we see that all beings exist in pairs relating to one another as subject and object. In the mineral world, we observe the relationship of plus and minus. In the plant world, the animal world and the world of human beings, we see the relationship between masculine and feminine. This is because God created the universe in order to fulfill the expression of love. All beings desire the experience of true love through a mutual relationship. Love is the one power in the universe that absolutely no one can possess by himself. Once we have a partner, however, love gives us the power to share the entire uni- verse. Likewise, a husband and wife need children in order to experience the profound joy of parental love. Thus, we can say that God created human beings and the universe as His reciprocal partners in order to bring about true love. All types of love -- including love of children, love of siblings, love of husband and wife, and love of parents -- come about through the unity of subject and object partners. When two partners become one in true love, it is impossible to separate them. If for any reason separation occurs, true love is destroyed. Therefore, in true love there is no concept of divorce.

When a man feels love, the feeling is not generated on its own. The feeling awakens in his heart because of a particular woman. Likewise, the fire of love is kindled in the heart of a woman not by herself alone but by the man she loves. In other words, our love belongs to our partner. Thus, we should honor our partnerís love as being even more precious than our love.

True love comes through both horizontal and vertical reciprocal relationships. A horizontal relationship of true love is gradually elevated in a vertical direction until it eventually reaches the pinnacle. This pinnacle is the position of the "King and Queen of True Love." We are born for the sake of love, live for the sake of love, and finally die for the sake of love.

Adam and Eve

Godís ideal was for one couple, Adam and Eve, centering on true love, to become the seed from which all the worldís families, clans, nations and, finally, the multitudinous citizenry of the Kingdom of Heaven would be descended. Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven can be created only in accordance with Godís tradition of true love.

In all creation, the most precious entities are human beings -- men and women. Furthermore, the most precious part of the human body is not the nose, the eyes, the hands, or even the brain. It is the sexual organs, the main organs of love. Everything in the universe can be recreated through the sexual parts.

Most living things -- whether plants or animals -- multiply through sex. The most precious and outstanding family begins with a husband and wife who are one with each other. Our love organs are the main sanctuary of life, occupying a position of incredible value where blood lineage and history are connected. Godís fundamental principle is to create through male and female. For a man and woman to share absolute love, however, they should have only one partner. We must not have two or more partners, but only one, eternally. There is absolutely only one man for each woman and one woman for each man. That is why God did not create two Adams or two Eves. Tragically, in the world today we see children who have had as many as ten stepfathers. How false and degraded love has become!

When men and women uphold and preserve chastity, they are protecting the universe. The discipline of love between men and women is the foundation of the universe. We must not abuse our love as if we were animals. Our love can only have one owner. The word "true" in "true love" does not allow for the possibility of more than one partner. There can be only one. This is an absolute law.

Not just anyone can say they have "true love." Only God can really love with true love, and only God absolutely owns true love. Godís true life, Godís true lineage, and Godís true conscience emerge from true love. In this way, the most fundamental essence of God is true love.

Godís Children

We are created as Godís children. As we grow in love, relating to brothers and sisters, becoming husbands and wives, giving birth and raising children, God is present each step of the way, harvesting true love. God observes and guides us as we develop, and He becomes the owner of love at each stage. In this sense, it can be said that human beings, through whom God comes to own all love, are more precious to God than He is to Himself. In the same way, we attach a thousand times more value to the person we love than to ourselves. God invests Himself for those He loves and then forgets this investment. Then he invests again and again. In the same way, a wife who wants her husband to be a success invests herself in her husband and then forgets this investment. By investing herself and forgetting, she enables him to achieve his full potential in life. When we as partners continue to invest in each other and forget, the level of our love is elevated, and we will ultimately find ourselves connected to God. This is how we can fulfill our parent-child relationship with God and have eternal life.

Everyone wants to go to heaven, but those whose attitude is "Everyone should live for me," will not get there. True love begins with embracing and living for the sake of all Godís masterpieces of creation. The way we can reach heaven is to live for all humankind and ultimately for God.

Again, the ideal family and ideal nation are the places where all of us -- as parents, children, couples, brothers and sisters, and nations -- want to establish ownership of true love. From there, eternal world peace will emerge, the Kingdom of God on Earth will dawn, and the Kingdom of God in Heaven will blossom.

Beginning from the year 2000, in every corner of the globe, countless blessed families united with the Parents of Heaven and Earth will initiate a new family revolution and worldwide moral revolution, centering on true love. God is longing to see the eternal ideal Kingdom of God built on Earth as well as in Heaven. Let us join in this holy task. May Godís blessing be abundant upon you and your family.

May God bless you and your families. Thank you very much.

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