40 Years in America

David S.C. Kim

The Way of the World Magazine, August, 1970

Father and other members saying farewell to Teddy Verheyen, Kimpo airport, Korea, 1965

Let me tell all of you what is going on in the other groups -- in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. Miss Young Oon Kim has been staying now in Seoul, Korea for few months after her short trip to Europe. Her early follower, Doris Orme, blessed in sacred marriage in London, England, has a newborn baby girl, Young Oon Orme, named after Miss Kim. The baby was born on Feb. 10, 1970. Doris is worthy of receiving such a blessing after her total dedication to the Principle work since 1959 with Miss Young Oon Kim. Also, John Schuhart and his wife in Los Angeles had a precious boy after the blessing. Some more precious children will be born very soon in the Washington group. The new president of the Washington, D.C. group is Farley Jones, picked up from Berkeley Center for which Edwin Ang is responsible. Berkeley Center recently expanded enormously, having nearly 30 solid and dedicated young college students in the Berkeley area.

The San Francisco group also is tremendously expanding their work, having 150 members at three centers in the city of San Francisco, and recently Mr. S. I. Choi acquired nearly 600 acres of land 80 miles from the city to build a new ideal city. Congratulations to the San Francisco Family on this new move and expansion.

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