40 Years in America

Susan Janer

I was working in Baltimore, Maryland. The central figure at that time was Mr. Cha. I havenít seen him since that time, though I do have a picture of him with Mohammed Ali. Rev. Sudo was also working there with us. He was so heartistic and wonderful. My job at that time was mostly fundraising. As the day for Washington Monument came closer and closer, I was told that I would be a bus captain. I had never had that kind of responsibility in all my life. Though I was 25 years old at the time, I still felt like I was just a kid. The day came and there I was on the bus and I was the bus captain. I felt so responsible. Most of the passengers were black people from Baltimore who were invited by other members to go to Washington Monument for the day to hear a great religious leader, Rev. Moon, speak. I was so excited and happy. We sang Christian songs all the way there. When we got there, I had to make sure that my group stayed together and that every single person on my bus returned home on the bus.

When we arrived, the whole area in front of the Washington Monument was covered with people. I led my group, like a Moses, through the crowd to very good seats close to the front. To me, everything was wonderful. I had already been a member for three years. When I saw Father I cried with joy, and when I saw the fireworks I cried again. How can we know what these things really mean to the heart of God? There was so much hard work and sincere prayer that went into that event, and especially behind everything was the love and prayers of True Parents to save this country and this world. Those people who attended that event will all have different memories of what happened that day and what they heard and saw. I hope they will remember. It was truly a profound statement of Godís Love and Godís hope for America and the World.

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