40 Years in America

Seung Hwa Experiences

John and Helen Abelseth

Helen and I were blessed in 1982, at the Madison Square Garden blessing. In September 1983, we had our first child, Helga Jolen Abelseth, who passed into the spirit world in June of 1984. At the time, Helen was three months pregnant with our second child, Ariella, who was born in December 1984. Helga was nine months old, and on the morning of her unfortunate accident, had taken her first four or five steps.

Helga suffocated after getting her head stuck in a portable baby bed handle. It was a few months after Heung Jin Nim passed into spirit world, so we could draw from the strength of Father and Mother and could identify somewhat with their pain. Throughout the entire experience, our behavior and strength were drawn from the example of our True Parents, who had gone through the same experience only months before.

At the hospital, the attending doctor cried when he gave us the news. Though he tried to save her, he could not. He cried, saying he had children of his own and was so upset. We were able to genuinely comfort the doctor in his grief, as we knew our daughter would be going to a very high place with Heung Jin Nim and God. We prayed before the doctor came in that, as Jesus had said, not our will but Godís will be done, as to whether this precious life could stay with us in the physical world for a little longer. We also offered our precious daughter to God for His will in keeping our True Father from prison, if possible, as this was during the pre-Danbury trial.

Several members have had dreams or visions of her since, each bringing some support, some encouragement, or some joy to them particularly in times of difficulty or stress -- one sister, for instance, who was in Japan for cancer treatment.

Recently, as my wife was praying early one morning, for Helgaís growth and preparation for the blessing, our youngest son slipped onto her lap (she thought), and embraced her as he frequently does. When she finished her prayer and opened her eyes, it was not Peter. She was sure it had been Helga from the spirit world. Our children frequently correct us when we tell people that we have five children, as they always count Helga as their older sister (so that makes six).

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