40 Years in America

Ken Weber

The Way of the World, September, 1971

Something really strange happened today. A couple walked up to me on the street and started talking about new life and rebirth and a wedding of over 700 couples in Korea? No, that canít be right. They talked with me awhile, gave me a pamphlet and invited me to a discussion with their Family. Something even stranger happened today -- I visited the Family. I expected that discussion to last only an hour or two, but it turned into an all-afternoon affair. When the discussion began, several people were there, but one by one they left, saying this new philosophy didnít fit into their lives, or they just couldnít agree with it. Strange, this new philosophy means a great deal to me.

Oh God, I heard the rest of the philosophy today, clear through to the conclusion. Oh, my God, what if itís true? God, there is so much love in this family. Dear God, our Father, I attended a workshop this weekend and I learned a great deal about myself and other people, as well as learning more about the Principle. One thing that impressed me in the Principle is how You have been striving throughout history to show Your love for us, and how we, through lack of love and faith, have kept You so far away, not You who have left us. Father, I pray for strength and an attempt to overcome my weakness, so that I will never betray you as did Judas, or deny you as did Peter. I will strive Father, to be a true son to you.

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