40 Years in America

Nick Bikkal

I think the biggest testimony we could give is the gratitude to God and True Parents for the experiences we did have; both the easy and the difficult. I spent a few years in the New York newspapers, the News World and Noticias del Mundo. On several occasions the New York newspapers went on strike during those early days. The News World was the only "major" daily around.

However at the height of the strike, lasting several weeks, we were selling over a million copies a day. We had the paper printed in New Jersey, upper Westchester, etc. We often took our trucks to the presses and slept in them waiting to be awoken for pick up and delivery -- some of us as far south as Brooklyn. We even had a van run down to Washington. During one of those strikes one of our brothers died during the run down into New York. A hefty price.

The accident happened on the freeway (I95) as a truck was entering NYC, in the Bronx. It seems a truck side-swept one of ours, causing it to go out of control, turn over and it then caught fire. All that paper burning probably caught the brother who might have been unconscious.

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