40 Years in America

Pamela Valente Kuhlmann

When I was in the seminary around 1980, Father would come and speak by surprise. He would come and sit with us in groups outside. We never knew when he would come. Everyone would leave their class when he came.

He would talk to us. Once he talked for a long time and then he told everyone to go back to class when he was finished. I was completely caught off guard. I had no intention of going back. Everyone was going down a path to the river. He was going to the river with the Korean leaders. He told everyone to go back to class. I and one other person couldnít leave. We kept following him down the path. By the time we got there it was evening. He sat on a rock. They started fires on the beach. I sat by his feet. I thought he was going to be mad. He looked at me and I looked at him. I looked into his face and he just smiled this incredible smile. I just stayed there. I realized he was our father and even though I disobeyed him, he didnít mind.

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