40 Years in America

Victory in Moscow

Larry Moffit

I have had the opportunity to see Father and Mother on many different occasions and in many different moods, but honestly, I have never seen a happiness of the intensity and brightness as that which appeared on the faces of our True Parents immediately following their historic meeting with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

In the future, when one looks up the word "joy" in the dictionary, he will see a photograph of that moment to illustrate the definition.

History will record that in his 70th year, Father rode into Moscow on Palm Sunday. Unlike with Jesus, however, it was not astride a donkey and the poor people didn’t meet him with palm fronds. He and Mother were greeted with bouquets of flowers by the Chairman of Novosti Press Agency. There was a long black Chaika limousine courtesy of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, and a police escort took True Parents’ party to the Central Committee’s own posh Oktobraskaya Hotel.

The KGB had a half-dozen silent and very serious agents acting as security guards on the ride from the airport. History will further record that the 30th anniversary of the Blessing of the True Parents was held in Moscow on April 11. There was a big cake, a banner and many church leaders filling the spacious presidential suite of the Nezhdunarodnaya, the conference hotel. April 11 was also the day Father and Mother, accompanied by Dr. Pak and Rev. Kwak, met privately with the President, and the Soviet State Television made the meeting their top story of the night. When Father and Mother emerged they were absolutely radiant with joy. Maximum success.

The following evening was the historic first performance of the Little Angels of Korea who were giving a series of benefit performances for the Soviet Children’s Fund at the Children’s Musical Theater of Moscow. Mrs. Gorbachev departed early from a reception for Polish President Jaruzelski in order to attend the show!

After the last number, the Little Angels brought out a cake in honor of True Parents’ wedding anniversary. So there we all were: Father and Mother cutting the cake in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Marriage of the Lamb, with the Little Angels singing "Happy Anniversary to You" in Korean, and the First Lady of the Soviet Union beaming brightly in fascination as she helped celebrate the most historic wedding anniversary in history. The maximum level of success just got topped.

Mrs. Gorbachev came backstage afterward to give and receive hugs and kisses from the Little Angels, to meet the True Parents and pose in group photos with them and the children. The atmosphere was so high and infectious that everyone present was caught up in rapturous joy.

Even the KGB agents were smiling.

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