40 Years in America

Talent in Fatherís House

Susan Hughes
The Way of the World, 1970

For so long (Heavenly) Father has waited for us to return to Him so that He could participate with us in all of the activities we do. This includes performing. Think of all the talented singers, dancers, musicians etc., who created so beautifully, yet they were never one with Fatherís heart. In Berkeley, Father has blessed us with such a variety of talent. The first that comes to mind is singing. Dan Fefferman is trying to start a singing group called The Dispensations. Practice sessions are held every Sunday at 4:30 pm. So far the most successful song is: "God is not dead, He is alive, I can feel Him in my heart, feel Him in my soul, feel Him all over me." These are the only words but we like to sing them over and over, with harmony. Another favorite of the group is "The Fatherís Dwelling Place."

One Saturday before street preaching, we tried out our singing on the crowd on campus. In spite of the Krishna group that was chanting loudly only twenty feet away, we did get some attention (especially when we sang "God is Not Dead") and another song Dan wrote and composed called "The Kingdom of Heavenís at Hand." This song lifts the atmosphere 100 degrees! We have singers who can perform alone without too much of a shaky voice. Artists are abundant in the two centers. Mark Whitman just finished creating a beautiful card to send to our Parents. The background is the sun, the earth, the moon and the tree of life with golden pears on it.

A dance department should be created. We have two ballet dancers, Leslie Elliott and Susan Hughes, a modern dancer and some folk dancers and one excellent gymnast. One thing that draws people to Fatherís house is food. We have found that one way to a studentís heart is through his stomach. Cooking is a talent. Those most talented in this field, that is, the most talented bakers are Pamela Stockwell and Cathy Geraghty. Pamela treats us to homemade bread and Cathy makes delicious cakes. I could go on. This house is so full of vitality. Every once in a while someone does something or creates something or shows a spark of new talent that surprises everyone -- perhaps even Father.

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