40 Years in America

The Blessing

Nanette Doroski

At the time of the 777 Blessing I was asked if I wanted to go to that Blessing, but somehow I felt it wasnít my time yet, that the person prepared for me wasnít there. Just before the 1800-couple blessing I was in Marlboro, Maryland. I was taking care of children whose parents were on MFT for a few months. The center I was in was making candles for fundraising. So after a meeting in Washington, D.C., some state leaders stopped to buy candles. I was in a large room all alone looking out a large window at the cars loading up with candles. Then for one moment I see a person that someone says is John Doroski. He turns his head away, so I didnít get to see what he looked like. At that moment I heard a loud voice in the room say, "That is someone for you to marry." There was no one in the room with me. I put the experience out of my mind, only to recall it three days after John Doroski and I were blessed. A year later, I actually worked with John in the Belvedere training center, studying, fundraising and actually raising him spiritually -- at least that is what he says. We worked together on a special fundraising team assigned to raise funds for Barrytown and to pay for the airline tickets to go to Korea for the Blessing. One day John brought me dinner after fundraising all day and as he stood nearby he felt an overwhelming feeling of infinite peace and as if he had been married to me for 30 years.

I had a fear of being matched, a lack of faith on my part. I had prayed about this and I received a dream. In the dream it was the time of the Blessing and I was in the Upshur House in Washington, D.C. and I was very busy cleaning. Then I looked around and I saw all these lovey-dovey couples all over. Someone then came up to me and asked, "Where were you yesterday? Yesterday was the Blessing, the Blessing you were to be matched in." I said, "Oh! I missed my Blessing!" That person said, "It is okay. True Father matched you by proxy." I said, "By proxy. Pray tell who did he bless me to?" They told me his name was John. I thought of a John I couldnít stand in high school and I thought it must have been him. Then I said, "Where is he?" That person told me everyone went to the zoo. They said he was walking behind the big birdcage. I was very sarcastic in this dream and said, "Itís a good place for him." But, then when I saw him in this dream, the name didnít match the face and I knew I really loved him. The person seemed to have a very Fatherly nature and his face was the face of an actor on TV. Then I woke up with a jolt saying, what is the name of the TV show that the actor plays the Father in? Oh yes, itís "Father Knows Best." I wondered if Heavenly Father sits up all night thinking up the punch lines to these dreams. So from that day forward I didnít worry about the Blessing anymore.

Because Father Knows Best

From Johnís personal perception he would have liked a wife who was into outdoors activities like himself. I was not athletic and I did my Belvedere exercises sort of funny. However, John was determined to check out with True Father if this feeling he had of being married to me for 30 years and the many other inspirations he felt God had sent, had meaning. At the matching all the sisters were on one side of the room and the brothers were on the other side. As True Father proceeded with the matching, John raised his hand slightly and David Kim noticed. David Kim spoke to Father in Korean and True Father then questioned John. John reported about Heavenís indications about Nanette. True Father looked back and forth at both of us three times, looked at me and said, "Very busy," and then, that it was a correct match. So that is how I was matched and it was three days later that I remembered about the voice in Marlboro center saying, "There is someone for you to marry" (John Doroski). It is clear to me that God is matching many of us years before the actual matching event with True Father.

There were a few other members who asked to be matched to someone, but Father responded saying, "You two have too soft natures and you couldnít help each other grow and your children would be weak." And in another case, "You both have such strong natures, you will probably kill each other if you were matched. I canít approve because of my great love for you both."

The story of one couple that True Father matched at this time is very interesting. The wife was a medical doctor and the Austrian missionary to Belgium (Anita) and husband was an American member (Russ Walters) who had served in Chile in the Peace Corps. I learned that Anita wrote a letter to Father asking to become a medical missionary to Chile and around the same time Russ wrote a letter to Father asking to return to Chile as a missionary, unknown to each other. Father didnít really know them personally. After they were matched, Russ started telling Anita about his life and they both learned of many parallels that their lives shared (doing the same thing at the same age). Russ told Anita about a knife that his father had carved for him and how he lost this knife in an American forest when he was 11 years old. Then Anita opened her purse and handed Russ the knife he had lost as a child, saying when she was 13 years old in Austria she found this knife while walking in a woods there. She felt she had to carry it wherever she went. The knife turned out to be the same knife and this suggests that Heavenly Father is planning our matches and marriages years before. Russ and Anita looked very much like brother and sister. Husbands and wives looking similar seemed to be a pattern with True Fatherís matching. I remember how Father, when matching Perry Cordill, had Perry stand up and had a sister stand up. The sister was very short and Perry was extremely tall. Within one second Father looked over 800 sisters and told another sister to stand up. This sister turned out to be tall, but more interesting was the fact that her face looked so similar to the short sister that one would swear they were twins. Father then matched Perry to the tall sister.

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