40 Years in America


This book is an important and historical testimony to the investment of God and True Parents in America. The miraculous rise of this mighty nation can only be fully understood in the light of God's providence. All nations, races and faiths have been gathered in this land through triumph or tragedy. But the light of hope in the eves of generations of immigrants is a small reflection of Heaven's hope for America. The material prosperity and political freedom that the United States offers to the world are but the external structure for the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, where true peace, love and freedom abound.

As with the Israelite nation of the Old Testament, or any nation blessed by God, leaders must be righteous, and the people must hear God's word, through His prophets. And just as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King provided vision and leadership to light this nation's path, it is our True Parents, Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, who have conveyed the heart and hope of Heavenly Father to today's America with crystal clarity. The testimonies recorded in this volume tell the story of their forty-year investment in this country, from the early missionaries, Dr. Young Oon Kim, Dr. David Kim and Dr. Bo Hi Pak, to the institutions, foundations and federations that serve God's providence for America and the world.

We are deeply grateful to our True Parents for their years of sacrifice and tears, joy and victory. We also honor the many who have come from Japan, Europe, Africa and around the world to fulfill God's hope for this country. Like each of them, I have studied, prayed and worked together with American brothers and sisters. I have come to know and love them, and I have seen and felt for myself that this nation has a noble heritage and a great mission for God which is vet to be fulfilled. Over the past year, I have spent many nights in prayer with hundreds of our members at the Ellipse behind the White House in Washington, D.C. It was there in 1965, during his first visit to this country, that Rev. Moon consecrated a Holy Ground to pray for the salvation of America. And it is there, in the shadow of the Washington Monument, in view of the memorials to Jefferson and Lincoln, that I have heard their voices calling to me. I have sensed the longing of the pilgrims and founding fathers. I have felt the pain of the slaves and martyrs whose innocent blood was shed unrighteously. And I have understood thesacrifice of the patriots who died for freedom or to purge this nation of the sin of slavery. I have heard them calling to me, and to the Americans of today: "Do not let our lives or our deaths be in vain." In the marrow of my bones, I know that they are watching us, praying and urging you and I to fulfill the mission of America for which they gave their very lives.

Through this volume we can feel and understand the foundation we have inherited and the work we must do. I am grateful to the many who contributed to its content and production, especially to Michael Inglis whose vision created this project and who led the editing team and organized the contributions, and to Dr. Michael Mickler, who crafted the historical text. Let us fully absorb the spirit of these testimonies, and the lessons they contain. Together, let us work beyond race, religion and nationality for the salvation of America and the establishment of Godís Kingdom of righteousness, love and peace on the Earth.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
North American Continental Director
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

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