40 Years in America

Nanette Doroski

During the 21-city tour my mission was to travel with the three trucks from city to city. These trucks would bring sound equipment, Korean food, and other needs of the tour. When we arrived in the cities, I was to prepare the rooms for True Parents and food for the reception after the speeches. I had the privilege of attaching the microphone around Fatherís neck before his presentation.

I could see Godís protection for us on this trip. As we drove all night, part of my mission was to keep the drivers awake. I guess I was the ideal person chosen for the job. Most of the drivers said they never knew anyone who could talk so much. One day we were driving down the coast of Washington State during a big storm. We had to change our route during the night because many roads were washed out and trees had fallen, blocking other roads. We were traveling on one smaller road when all of a sudden I started screaming, "Stop the truck, stop the truck right now." The driver stopped and in the rain we discovered by using a flashlight that if we had driven just four more feet, we would have driven into a large river. The bridge had collapsed. We surely would have been killed. I knew Heavenly Fatherís protection was with us, that it was heavenly inspiration given to me to yell, "Stop the truck."

Then my mission changed for the 32-city tour. I was to fly in the airplane for the rest of the cities, just the nine of us: Father, Mother, Hyo Jin, David Kim, Neil Salonen, Col. Pak, Lady Dr. Kim, Mrs. Choi, Ye Jin, and myself. My new mission was to cook with Lady Dr. Kim for True Parents, sometimes helping with Hyo Jin Nim and Ye Jin Nim in the few cities they were with us. I could only sleep three hours a night. I had to keep Fatherís schedule. Father would stay up and talk to guests and leaders until 2 am, every night. And at 6 am he was sitting at the table for breakfast. We had to prepare every meal for at least 20 people. Father always had ministers, professors and different VIP people for breakfast every day. Father always held up really well. He has such dynamic physical and spiritual power. But I was fighting being sick all the time. Frankly, I donít know how he has kept this pace his whole life.

Whenever there was a holiday, Father always gave scarves to the sisters and neckties to the brothers. Father also would hold up each necktie or scarf against each brother or sister to match them to the personality. One church holiday in California, Father called me up first to receive a scarf. I was quite surprised he would think of me first. Later the sister that was asked to shop for the scarves came to me and said, "Wow! Are you lucky. Father asked me to put the top and most expensive scarf to be given out first." I guess he knew I was so worn out but still trying and he wanted to encourage me. This is how Father expressed his appreciation. Father is really that kind of a caring Father.

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