40 Years in America

List Of Holy Grounds In The United States

The following list is reprinted from the May 19, 1965 New Age Frontiers

Creating the Jackson, Mississippi Holy Ground

1. San Francisco, California 2/15/65 Northernmost peak of Twin Peaks (renamed Parents Peaks). Center is rock on top. Southern peak (Mother Peak) is also regarded as Holy Ground, although only Father Peak received blessing ceremony.

2. Los Angeles, California 2/21/65 Griffith Park. Enter from Fern Dell Drive, pass vertical parking area on right and picnic ground #7 to parking area on right. Walk past menís rest room #4 and picnic area. Go up dirt pathway to left of picnic area to where large dirt road turns left and steeper trail goes up to right of picnic area. Take steeper path. Climb past small water faucet with spigot about 72 paces. Holy Ground is on plateau 6 paces from middle of trail.

3. Mt. Whitney, California 2/25/65 At entrance to peak, approx. 9,000 feet, in a grove of pine trees. Center between three pines, one a straight tree at its approach to maturity.

4. Death Valley, California 2/25/65 Badwater to west of pond.

5. Las Vegas, Nevada 2/26/65 Lyonís Park. Central tree 25 feet high, third tree from north fence and second tree from west fence.

6. Phoenix, Arizona 2/27/65 Canto Park

7. Albuquerque, New Mexico 2/28/65 Roosevelt Park. Tree 36 feet high near park bench, 275 degrees west to tree on top of dirt mound, 105 degrees east to left-hand corner of school building.

8. Dallas, Texas 3/1/65 White Rock Lake Park. Take Lawther Drive around lake to Dreyfuss Lodge House. Walk 150 degrees south to southernmost of two small elms about 4 feet apart. There is squatty tree with much grass at base about 10 feet southwest.

9. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 3/2/65 Lincoln Park. Holy Ground is picnic area #8, center isolated forked oak tree, first tree east of next to last picnic table.

10. Kansas City, Kansas 3/3/65 City Park. Hill overlooking the city.

11. St. Louis, Missouri 3/4/65 Forest Park. Center is largest of 4 cedars northwest of parking area on Art Hill (81 degrees from parking area to trees).

12. Paducah, Kentucky 3/5/65 Bob Noble Park. Northernmost tree of two near a road and "comfort station."

13. Memphis, Tennessee 3/5/65 Overton Park. Cedar tree between 2 double-trunk trees, south of roadway and east of building.

14. Little Rock, Arkansas 3/6/65 War Memorial Park. Oak tree on hill to west of gate 4 of War Memorial Stadium, east of St. Vincentís Infirmary, which is about 1 mile away.

15. Jackson, Mississippi 3/6/65 Livingston Park. Fourth tree from road (third pine from road). South of tree are three pines very close together. Arbor to west, zoo to southeast. Orange and white check water tank to south in distance, lake to north.

16. New Orleans, Louisiana 3/6/65 City Park. Grove of trees just north of Harrison Ave., east of Magnolia Drive, southwest of two small lakes. Take road that forks to right off Magnoliato point 2/3 of distance to lake (fifth tree from lake on west side of road). Third tree to west is marked with carved triangle on north side. This is center tree.

17. Mobile, Alabama 3/7/65 Municipal Park. Park out Spring Hill Extension, west past Braywood St. Central tree is tall pine, south of small green building with cement walkway, north of small white home with brick foundation, 11 paces east of a garden, southwest of high curving pine about 15 paces.

18. Tampa, Florida 3/8/65 Lowry Park. Tall pine, 100 yds. west of Greek theatertype structure.

19. Miami, Florida 3/8/65 Municipal Park. Tall straight palm tree flanked by 3 other palms bent toward west, in SW corner of park.

20. Savannah, Georgia 3/10/65 Forsythe Park. Oak tree (largest of several) to NW of large white fountain, on northern side of park near Huntington and Whittaker Streets.

21. Columbia, South Carolina 3/11/65 Earlewood Park. Go down road a ways then walk downhill toward creek. Central tree is tall pine between basketball court and creek. Fourth tree to north along eastern side of sandbox, second to east along southern side of same sandbox.

22. Raleigh, North Carolina 3/11/65 Umstead Park, near Umstead Drive and Boylan Street. Central tree is large oak near foot of hill which rises to east. Second tree from small white pavilion with hexagonal green roof.

23. Richmond, Virginia 3/11/65 Monroe Park. Large tree in center of plot of grass between fountain and twinsteepled church with domed roof on Laurel St. Round house to left as one faces church. Central tree is smaller than other two trees near it.

24. Martinsburg, West Virginia 3/12/65 Berkeley County War Memorial Park, off North Tennessee Ave. Small tree, sixth in a row to south from east-west line of bush trees, in valley running north-south. Valley to west of small house-like building with green roof which is south of tree, west of swings and small building with white roof to north.

25. Washington, D.C. 3/14/65 White House. No central mark. Grassy area in ellipse in front of White House. Facing east, center is south of second column from right, east of space between third and fourth metal poles of baseball screen on left, west of first streetlight on right of baseball screen.

26. Washington, D.C. 3/14/65 Capitol Building. Central tree evergreen in middle of lawn to west of Capitol Building.

27. Baltimore, Maryland 3/18/65 Druid Park. Large tree near top of hill between Administration Building and duck pond.

28. Wilmington, Delaware 3/18/65 Brandywine Park, near Van Buren and Park Streets. Large tree SW of baseball backstop in small glen, new bridge to west. Walk up road reading "no parking beyond this point."

29. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 3/18/65 Fairmount Park. Large tree with spreading branches to SE of main gate on lawn about halfway between main gate and opposite street. Second tree to west of road.

30. Trenton, New Jersey 3/18/65 Cadwalader Park. Tall thin tree near baby evergreen which is near an ancient tree bound with wire. Near bear cage and statue labeled "Gettysburg Appomattox." Enter at Parkside Drive.

31. New York City, New York 3/19/65 Central Park, near 98th Street. Small cherry tree on large grey rock (about 20 feet wide). Rock covers entire area of blessing. SW of building with green roof, near boathouse parking lot.

32. New Haven, Connecticut 3/19/65 West Rock Park. Middle part of flat rock in ground next to path which leads NW from summit.

33. Providence, Rhode Island 3/19/65 Roger Williams Park. Small thin tree in group of trees near lake. Two small evergreens between tree and bridge across lake to south. Across lake to south is building and sign reading "Pony Round."

34. Boston, Massachusetts 3/19/65 Washington Monument and bridge.

35. Portsmouth, New Hampshire 3/19/65 City Park. On State St. Large tree NE of monument.

36. Kittery, Maine 3/19/65 City Park, just over New Hampshire Main Bridge. Small evergreen toward north end of park.

37. Brattleboro, Vermont 3/20/65 City Park. Large tree, second from last toward east.

38. Cleveland, Ohio 3/21/65 Wade Park, at University Circle. Exact center of lawn, parallel to fifth hedge from pond.

39. Detroit, Michigan 3/21/65 Belle Isle Park. Large tree near rocks, next to building, near Inselruhe St.

40. Hammond, Indiana 3/21/65 Harrison Park. Large tree near lamp, to west of Food Centre (grocery store), east of 3 small trees close together.

41. Chicago, Illinois 3/22/65 Grant Park South. Fifth tree to west in third row of trees running east-west from walkway. Third row is third to south. Trees run perpendicular to "Harrison Hotel Park Free" sign on top of Harrison Hotel.

42. Madison, Wisconsin 3/22/65 Hoyt Park, on Regent St. Next to Hoyt School. White oak, standing alone, to north of stone shelter house and wide grassy field.

43. St. Paul, Minnesota 3/23/65 Como Park. From park building, go up hill directly opposite. Small evergreens to left as you go. Center tree medium sized, second to north of lamppost.

44. Fargo, North Dakota 3/23/65 Island Park. Central tree double trunk, second to SE of fire hydrant, east of playground, south of statue.

45. Sioux Falls, South Dakota 3/23/65 Sherman Park. Tree at top of high hill.

46. Sioux City, Iowa 3/23/65 Grandview Park. Modern lamppost with fluorescent light.

47. Lincoln, Nebraska 3/24/65 Antelope Park. Second tree to south from SE edge of fence which surrounds sheep and goat pen.

48. Cheyenne, Wyoming 3/24/65 Lyons Park. Enter across from Wyoming National Guard. Fir tree, second from end tree toward stone monument in SE. Playground and barbecue pit to west; road runs to north and west.

49. Denver, Colorado 3/25/65 City Park. South side of park at North end of Esplande St. Large elm tree 140 paces north of edge of large statue with road looping around it. Tree in middle of large open area.

50. Salt Lake City, Utah 3/26/65 Ensign Park. Rock on peak to north of city.

51. Boise, Idaho 3/26/65 Julia Davis Park.

52. Missoula, Montana 3/27/65 Greenough Park. First evergreen to NW (third tree to NW) of small bridge which crosses creek. Tree is next to creek, one small tree to its west.

53. Seattle, Washington 3/28/65 Seward Park.

54. Portland, Oregon 3/29/65 Mt. Tabor Park. Central tree trinity (3 trees in one), redwood on top of hill located to SE of Summit.

55. Eugene, Oregon 3/29/65 Hendrickís Park. Central spot of five trees growing very close together.

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