40 Years in America

Resurrection and New Life

Amazingly, after only three days, the coup was defeated. During these three days the weather had become very dark, gloomy and rainy. "I felt this rain represented Godís tears," said Ashley Crosthwaite, twenty-one- day lecturer, "and all the staff prayed deeply that this darkness could lift and the sunlight of Godís love could shine again over this country. I felt it was because of these prayers and because of True Parentsí foundation of victory that Satan had no teeth anymore."

Satan had made an effort to destroy the new life springing up in the Soviet Union, but after only three days of darkness the light shone again. The coup came to an end as suddenly as it had happened; almost all the students had remained faithful and stayed at the workshops. The students rejoiced, the staff was overwhelmed with gratitude, the cooking staff in the kitchen were crying with joy and embracing everybody. All the fears and tears of the three days of crucifixion were drowned in the joy and celebration of the new birth of a nation that had finally stood up to communism -- and thrown it off once and for all.

The statues of Lenin were coming down all over the country; in Riga, just after the statue in the center of the city was torn down, a blessed child was born to Nate and Mieko Windman, on August 26. Father named the baby "Winna." Nate, the first Unification pioneer in St. Petersburg and twenty-one-day lecturer during the summer, was overjoyed when word came that Father had named the baby "Winna," meaning that True Parents and all Unification members had won. On behalf of all of the staff, I would like to offer our deepest gratitude to God and True Parents for the opportunity to participate in the greatest historical event of our lives.

More than anything, it was amazing to see that all the events in the Soviet Union were directly connected to the tears, sweat and blood that True Parents have shed throughout their lives to save the Soviet Union. Father invested his whole heart and his resources to educate three thousand Soviet students in America and then to bring the fulfillment of two thousand students educated through forty days of Divine Principle workshops on Soviet soil. As a result, not only did True Parents liberate the Soviet Union from communism, but they also prevented what could have been a catastrophe for the nation and even the world. We pray that True Parentsí victorious foundation will prevail in the CIS forever.

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