40 Years in America

Marilyn Angelucci

In the beginning of our 40 days, Rev. Oyamada said to us, "God is here." I believed him. Through our time here we saw many problems, struggles and inconveniences, but I still believed. Then, I experienced that when I prayed deeply, God answered my prayer. We had already gone to two of the outings to the "Holy Places," but for me they were just like tourist trips. I didnít want to continue like that. So, when we went to Fuerte Olimpo, I prayed to experience something more deeply. When we were leaving on the boat after visiting this holy place, I felt deep sorrow in my heart, and tears poured down my face. I reflected, and the realization came to me that nobody knew the importance of this holy place, not even the people living there. This small fishing town is so simple and poor, but from the viewpoint of Godís Providence, it has great significance. True Parents accomplished incredible conditions there, unknown to the world. Similar to the time of Jesusí birth, nobody understood, only a few. God had heard me.

Even we, church members, cannot realize anything deeply unless we prepare our hearts. The crucial, important moment can just slip by without us realizing a thing if our heart is not prepared and in tune to God. The same is true for the whole experience at New Hope East Garden. God is here, but whether or not I can live with Him depends on the condition of my heart. At moments, I could be with Him. But I repent, because the moments were much fewer than God had hoped.

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