40 Years in America

Laura Hornbeck

Hereís one thing that happened when I was on MFT, fundraising on the streets and byways of Michigan. It was the summer of 1977 and I was in some town, maybe Lansing (I canít remember for sure). I was carrying peanut brittle and walking down a lovely, tree-lined street. A young man of about 25 had just parked his car and was getting out of it as I came along. I said to him, "Greetings! Can you help our church and get some peanut brittle?" I was wearing my Unification Church identification badge, by the way. I liked to be up front about my purpose for fundraising. He looked at my badge and said, "I donít like organized religion."

Without missing a beat, and without feeling a bit disloyal, I said, "Oh, donít worry. We are a very DIS-organized religion!"

He laughed and gave me $5 for some peanut brittle.

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