40 Years in America

Barbara Mikesell

New Age Frontiers, June 1966

Our prayers and thanksgiving go out to our Parents in whose name we daily live and grow. Greetings to all our Family in America and all the world. The greatest news is the fruit itself: we have two new brothers. This makes for close quarters in the Heavenly Kingdom in NYC; but we manage with special thanks to Mrs. Hurd.

Although we all have jobs, daily mission is the axis of our lives. One good thing about New York is the volume of public activities. What with these and teaching and studying, our evenings are filled. Often it is midnight before we once again gather as a Family.

We have thought of utilizing folk singing to reach youth. Philip Burley, Diane Giffin and I worked up a repertoire by practicing every afternoon for several weeks. Although we developed some ability and confidence, we concluded that this is not yet the time for such an approach. The primary reason is that, in order to accomplish the mission, we must sooner or later confront persons with the Truth. While singing would attract people, that in itself cannot convince them. Also our individual purpose is to grow toward an ever-greater understanding of our Fatherís heart. Here again, the actual confrontation of another with Truth is the vital key. So we came to feel that time spent each day for rehearsal has far greater worth spent in contacting and teaching the Divine Principle. The singing finds its place in informal times before or after the lectures. And how we enjoy it then, as we share with Family and Family-to-be for the joy of our Father!

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