40 Years in America

Ernie Stewart

New Age Frontiers, June, 1968

I have just finished concluding Principle with a young Catholic from Erie, Pennsylvania, who is going to Vietnam. I will sell him a book in Oakland and we will try to get together in Vietnam. He is responding very well, is very sharp and has a good background and understanding of Christianity. I did not find any difficulties as I went through the lectures and he is very eager to study. Please include him in your prayers.

He had not slept in over twenty hours and was struck as soon as I finished the Third Chapter. But through teaching him what indemnity is, he urged me to continue and we concluded. I donít think I spoke with him more than two minutes before he asked me to tell him about what we have to say. I am sure it must be the prayer and closeness, plus the Washingtonian Family atmosphere which I am still carrying with me. I hope I can continue to keep my head so high.

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