40 Years in America

Vivien Barron

New Age Frontiers, June 1968

Becky tells me that the Newsletter is already more like a book than a monthly report, so I will keep the Washington Center report short and, I hope, to the point. It is impossible to write about all that has happened here, so I want to give you some high points of our experiences.

When we think of our lives and consider, what has the Principle done for our lives, we can see a pattern. It has meant cutting yourself off completely from your past life and directing all your energy toward the Divine Principle -- toward Father. For many, this has also been a physical move: We have left our homes, our jobs, our families in order to begin a new life with other brothers and sisters with whom we can share this new Word, with whom we can study, witness and teach, and with whom we want to establish a new pattern for life -- a pattern centered on God, on the True Parents.

For this we need an example to follow. We need inspiration; we need help from others who have gone before us. For this reason, Miss Kim is constantly urging new members from other Centers to visit the Washington center. Here there is a unique privilege to live with and experience how a large Center works, lives and grows. Here are brothers and sisters who can help new people grow and learn. Most precious of all, you have the privilege of Miss Kimís presence, as our first example and to whom we owe our deepest gratitude and love.

Many of you have had this experience lately. What rejoicing we felt as you arrived! How we felt we had known you all our lives after only a few minutes or hours of sharing! And how we wished more and more would come! Now the names of Martha Vertreace, Ernie Stewart, Peter Koch, Fred Binder, Dee Beckner, and Jon and Sandy Schuhart are no longer just names. And Betsy OíNeill has come to spend the summer with us! How much this give and take strengthened you who came and made us eager to have more come.

We are still under the impact of Jon and Sandy Schuhartís visit. We cannot express enough how deeply united we are with you in heart, mind and purpose, Jon and Sandy, although 3,000 miles separate us geographically. Your songs, coming from the Fatherís heart, have moved us so much and express in such depth what our lifeís work is: "Letís Move America!," "Gonna Build a Kingdom," "What Is Your Reason for Being Created?" Letís build together, and work together toward achieving Fatherís purpose for this world!

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