40 Years in America

The Eternal Pioneer

Rev. Joong Hyun Pak

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Unification Church and distinguished guests. We have fulfilled so many campaigns -- RFK Stadium Blessing, Madison Square Garden Blessing, our True Parents, Reverend and Mrs. Moonís 24-city Speaking Tour, Dae Mo Nimís 4-city Ancestor Liberation Tour -- and finally True Parents declared Cosmic Victory at Belvedere. Now is a time of change and transition, with new leaders coming up all over the world.

I feel so fortunate to have worked with you. I so much appreciate each one of you. I also feel proud of you and of all the things we have accomplished together. We have worked together for America, for the Cosmos, and for the Kingdom of God. These are eternal memories. I want to look back for a moment on my personal life, my faith and my life in America. I arrived in America in 1975. This year 1999 marks my 25 years in America. Some day I want to write about these 25 years in America. I want especially to write about the many unsung heroes in the Unification Church. All of us are just little grains of sand, but together we make a big beach, the earth, and the cosmos. Unsung heroes are often fearfully strong and courageous.

I have spent 39 years pioneering in the Unification Church. I believe my personal destiny is that of an eternal pioneer. A pioneer has a mysterious destiny and he follows with faith and vision. He must always go to unexplored areas and is nervous most of the time because he must always be on the alert for what is going to happen in this unexplored area. A pioneer does not necessarily become an owner; he paves the way for others. As long as my spiritual energy and my physical energy remain, I know I will be an eternal pioneer. I have always loved America. I am very honored to have served all these years here and honored to continue serving in this Elder Son place. I want to make two points about America and her mission.

First, America is the center of the Christian kingdom, the Bride country. The symbol of America is the Statue of Liberty. It is a woman, not a man. We have to make preparations to receive the Bridegroom. Also, since it is the Elder Son nation, we must prepare to welcome True Parents. America has the responsibility to liberate the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven. Second, America is a melting pot for the world. There is no other country with so many nations represented within it -- all with their own races, cultures, religions and varied backgrounds. From all corners of the world -- north, south, east, and west -- they are gathered in America, living together in relative peace and harmony. But America must be more than a melting pot. It must be a harmonizer, a peacemaker. It has the power to make the metal swords for killing or make the metal tractor that will produce health, wealth and prosperity. It has the power to go either way. So it must dedicate itself to world peace and prosperity for human life and history. My mind is already busy with planning what I must do in the future. There are so many people to meet, so many things to accomplish. But I know we will not fail.

I deeply respect and appreciate my True Parents, Reverend and Mrs. Moon, for their constant support, love and guidance for me. And to my wife, Mrs. Pak, I am grateful also. She has dedicated herself to a pioneer life. She has worked hard and never complained about anything to me. She is an excellent support. As have been my children as well. Like many children with parents on the front line, they lived with a certain loneliness. Yet on their own they have maintained a beautiful standard of faith. Even this gave me power to work with you all more. I am grateful to all of you. I appreciate each one of you. I appreciate and respect our elder brothers and sisters in the Christian faith and other religions that we have worked hand in hand with. We have many memories and successes. I love America and I wish all of Godís blessings for America.

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