40 Years in America

Susan Felsenthal Janer

I was in Charleston, South Carolina. There are a lot of sailors there. One Friday night I was doing especially well. They all got paid and I sold out all my flowers. I was on a roll without any product, only a bucket, and about two hours left until pickup time. I started walking towards the pickup spot. As I walked I passed a graveyard that had so many flowers growing in there, mostly BIG chrysanthemums of all colors, so I looked around to make sure no one was watching me and went into the graveyard. I started hearing voices saying, "Take mine, no, take the ones from my place."

Those spirits were so friendly and eager to share the flowers growing around their graves. So yes, I did pick a whole bucket of flowers from that graveyard. And yes, I did sell them in the next few bars. The sailors were buying them like crazy and never ever thought that these could be graveyard flowers. The funny part is that after that, even years later, occasionally people would joke with me about regular flowers from the flower market, asking if they came from the graveyard. I would always remember that night and chuckle because once I really did get the flowers from the graveyard.

I was on MFT fundraising in the late 70s. I was going door to door and had just left a house where they did not buy. The teenage son and his friends came home as I was walking back down the driveway on the way to the next house. So of course I asked them if they wanted to buy. They asked me, "What Church?" and I said, "The Unification Church."

"Oh a moonie!!!" he said, and then he hawked one up from deep in his throat and spit it on me and then walked into the house laughing. I felt so terrible...nothing like that ever happened to me in my entire life. I went into another world at that moment, almost like I left my body, but at the same time, I also felt angels gathering around me to pick me up spiritually. I felt how much God loved me for being the one to receive that insult from Satan and share in His Heart.

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