40 Years in America

Paulette Wiesinger

The first time I met True Father was in 1975, at Barrytown, NY. I was a new member and working in the kitchen. At the end of one speech to the 120-day workshop participants, the staff hurriedly ran down the hall to greet him as he passed by. In honest humility, I stood with my head bowed and as he passed, I felt a waterfall of spirit flow from my head to my toes. I knew that I had been changed somehow.

In the mid 70s, the New Hope Singers, of which I was a member, would perform at the various conferences hosted by True Parents. One such conference, the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, was held in San Francisco. Outside the hotel there were many loud and nasty protesters. They were clearly upsetting the flow of the conference. In our international costumes we waited on stage for our performance. There, as we listened to the program beyond the curtain, the subject of the negativity outside was presented to our True Father. In a quiet voice, he responded, saying, "I love my members." We knew how true it was and many of us wept at his long-suffering love.

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