40 Years in America

Kate Tucker Moore

It is amazing how Heavenly Father can lead us. For several months I was feeling a change coming strongly. I experienced Godís love so deeply in the beautiful creation. I would walk through the forests and on the beach and cry and cry. I really wanted to meet this magnificent artist (The Creator). I kept telling my friends that there was a big change coming on a worldwide level. I could feel it in every part of me. I remember my "friends" making fun of me, laughing at me and mocking me. Every day all summer of 1975 I would separate from them more and more, and feel so alienated from everything and everyone I knew.

Then I took a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia. The city was very intimidating to me. I only went there about a once a year from Vancouver Island. I talked to God through nature and I could feel Him all around me. Being a craftsperson, I went to a craft show and had a deep experience seeing some incredible scrimshaw, which is the art of carving scenes on whalebone. I was so moved by the amazing ability and creative energy that can flow from God to man. I went to find solitude in the restroom and cried very deeply. I was asking God what He wanted me to do with my life, where I fit into the big cosmic picture. I wondered if I could ever be such a good artist and be able to move other people to be inspired to think about God, the true source of all creativity.

After I composed myself, I went out on what I thought would be my journey back to Vancouver Island. Ah, but Heavenly Father is so great. He had it all set up for me. I began hitchhiking to get to the ferryboat, and immediately, this wonderful brother, Ted West, who was the captain of a fundraising team, stopped to give me a ride. He began the most perfect conversation about spirit world, spiritual beings and what is our purpose on earth. It was exactly word for word what I was longing to hear and talk about. God inspired him and talked to me through him. It was so exciting to me to talk about spiritual things and not be thought a fool. We got near the ferry and I asked him to pull over in the parking lot so we could talk some more. I didnít want that conversation to end. He said he had to go pick up some other people and why didnít I just come along. So I did. David Rogers got in next and he was also so spiritual and loving and kind in the purest sense. Then a few sisters got in and everyone was so bubbly and nice. They were all focusing their attention on me and I just kept wondering, "Who are these people?" Theyíre adults but so pure and childlike. I was so curious.

They all convinced me to go to a lecture -- eew, that word was scary for me. I didnít care much for formal settings. But their love won me over.

After I heard the Principle of Creation, I very arrogantly looked at Ted and said, "That was great, but I already know all that." HA! He just kept telling me to be patient and stay for some more. It was leading up to something really incredible. Well, I did, and when I heard Chapter Two, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Things in my head started clicking like crazy. So thatís it, I thought. It all made perfect sense to me. Our dear brother, Jack Ashworth, was giving the lectures and he is always such a fantastic channel for Heavenly Father to speak through.

I heard a third lecture and by then there was no turning back. I could hardly wait for the weekend to hear "the whole story." The workshop was so powerful. I was so happy to hear that Jesus didnít come to die. I always knew it. Finally someone else did too and could explain it to me.

The parallels of history were incredible. Nobody could make that up. I was wondering who could figure all that out. It was explained so well. I was constantly getting goose bumps and tingles to say the least! The more I heard, the more I began to realize that I would have to completely change my lifestyle. I was so nervous, but so excited. In the last lecture he said very strongly, "The Messiah was born in 1920." Wow! I canít begin to tell you how I felt. I just knew it was true. I looked all around the room and wondered why everyone else wasnít jumping up and down screaming with joy.

The Messiah is already here. It makes such perfect sense, doesnít it? Doesnít everyone see it? Everything in my head kept saying, "So thatís why this and that happened." In my personal life and in world events everything fit together so perfectly. It was such a tremendous relief to finally know what life was all about. Now I canít imagine living life not knowing the Divine Principle. The one full complete truth. The whole story. The completed testament. So powerful. Are we lucky or what, eh?!!

That "Day of Hope" tour certainly was my day of hope. Thanks to Mike Leone and Patrick Duffy for coordinating it between the Seattle family and Vancouver family. I went to the seven-day workshop next and on the third day is when I truly fully joined the movement with all my heart. That was October 28, 1975.

After the third day of lectures my head and heart were bursting with emotions and questions. I went to the sistersí room and covered myself under a blanket. I pictured myself as an Indian in the middle of a teepee surrounded by nature and talking to God. I asked Him, "God, what do you want me to do now? This truth is so powerful." I was, however, having difficulty accepting that the Messiah would be such a straightforward, serious, older Korean man. I knew the Principle had to be right, but how could he be the one?

I asked God to tell me if it was really him. "Is this Korean man really your true son, the savior of all mankind?" I wish I could fully describe to you the whole encompassing feeling I received. I felt Godís arms around me and I swear I actually heard His voice -- LOUD AND CLEAR -- "Yes, this is my BELOVED SON. HE IS THE ONE!"

My ears were ringing, my whole body was shaking. It was as if I had been totally deaf before and then when I heard those words, sound suddenly exploded -- loud and clear.

It is almost 24 years later and I have had many, many spiritual experiences. But I have never heard Godís voice so absolutely as that day. That was truly my spiritual BIRTH day. I told Him I could not follow this movement if I had even one iota of doubt. I cried and cried out to Him. Not even one little iota. I canít change my life completely if Iím not 100 percent absolutely sure. Heavenly Father embraced me, surrounded me and completely filled me up.

He completely wiped away every little trace of doubt and hesitation -- GONE -- pouf! I have never even for one second had a doubt. Thatís how powerful God is. Yes, I have struggled but never had any doubt. All because of Heavenly Fatherís infinite love for everyone.

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