40 Years in America

Allan J. Ballinger

When I became state leader in Connecticut at the beginning of February in 1985, I found that the members had been driving to Danbury each Sunday morning after 5 a.m. Pledge Service to pray on a hill that overlooked Danbury Federal Prison where Father was incarcerated. Every Sunday we would make the hour drive from New Haven to Danbury to pray in tears for the healing of America and the world.

As state leader, one morning I promised to bring everyone to McDonaldís after our prayer vigil for breakfast. Once at the restaurant, Mother and several of the Moon children came in to the restaurant and sat down near us. Recognizing us as members, she asked for the team leader to come over and speak with her. After asking where we were from, she looked at my muddy sneakers and then reached for her purse. Pulling out three $100 bills, she said, "Here, please buy shoes for all your members. Iím sorry that itís not more." Sitting right across the table from her, I felt that she was so beautiful, and had such a pure spirit. We left soon after, and I used that $300 to buy a new pair of shoes for every member in the state.

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