40 Years in America

Reflection on the "Love Alive March"

Steve Schneider

The march itself passed by like a kind of dream. I was concentrating so hard on trying to keep an even pace and keep everyone in line that I didnít have time really to see what was going on all around me. I remember the way our voices sounded shimmering off the buildings that day... I remember the shouts, the chants, the clapping... I turned around and could see hundreds of picket signs bobbing up and down, off into the distance... As we went on, more and more people were getting caught up into the excitement and joining the march ahead of us; so our position in the front of the march slowly started being moved toward the middle.

Somehow we got to the White House as planned. When we got to the Ellipse, it was a breathtaking sight. There were people milling all around, too many for the eyes to focus on any one. Somehow I ended up helping them carry the banner to the front of the stage, and there we stood, waving and singing, staring out onto a sea of faces. Staring directly out at those thousands of people was a moving experience, especially seeing the way they responded to the chants we were calling out. For the first time I could see the result of our collective efforts manifested on that one day.

Looking out at those thousands of people, I could realize what a profound impact a group of individuals can have when they unite together. I really felt that this event was the beginning of the healing of the moral problem in this country, and in the world.

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