40 Years in America

Edy Iverson

My family and I were given the opportunity to come to Jardim the 25th of June and have been here a total of 28 days. Our experiences have been so extraordinary that I felt compelled to write to each member around the world and encourage them to come here as soon as possible.

It is hard to believe that Father is actually building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, but in reality it is happening as I speak in this remote and serene area of Brazil, three hours from Campo Grande in the small town of Jardim.

I really didnít know what to expect and what I would find. It looked so inviting, yet I felt, how could I ever afford to go? However, my husband and I felt so spiritually compelled to go. So on a whim and a prayer we took all our savings and went. The trip included a flight from Miami to Sao Paulo, a three-hour flight to Campo Grande, and then a four-hour trip by bus to Jardim in the Brazilian countryside.

When we arrived I was exhausted but excited. At first glance there were only a few small bungalows for housing and two larger buildings for prayer (one called the Temple) and one for lectures, plus three unfinished buildings where members are now staying. The buildings also house our school and nursery. Being the queen of external comfort and beauty, it was hard for me to imagine this as the ideal world. Yet my vision soon expanded after hearing all the plans for this future Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and being here just a couple of days and absorbing the incredible spiritual atmosphere here. I was never at Chung Pyung, but everyone I talked with says this is absolutely the Kingdom of Heaven compared to the difficulties of Chung Pyung, hot showers, good food, lovely lecture room and Holy Temple included. So I managed to overcome some minor inconveniences quickly as do all of the members here as the spiritual atmosphere is so high, and the members so wonderful, Hoon Dok Hae so deep and meaningful and best of all, True Parents came twice to see us since I was here.

We were provided with three wonderful trips to our Holy Grounds in Forte Olimpo, which houses a very quaint Brazilian-style hotel, the Hotel Salobra and the Rio Perdido. On one trip to Forte Olimpo we went down the Paraguay river eight hours on a slow moving ferry and had a terrific time seeing alligators, beautiful birds and even danced the samba on the way back. My husband and I had always wanted a cruise and this was our honeymoon cruise as the day was one day before the 1st of July, our Blessing anniversary. The trip was unforgettable.

At Hotel Salobra we went down the river and went fishing in small boats where my son was able to catch three fish and our boat driver caught a piranha. Also, we had otters come right up to our boat and eat out of our hands. Alligators lined the banks; it was thrilling to say the least. On Rio Perdido we went for a beautiful walk in the woods and saw a clear-as-glass river full of fish that Father wants to develop into a tourist spot. We also went to Fatherís home there and we heard deep stories about Father and Mother and what they have gone through to give us this special blessing.

Father has so many dreams for Brazil and for our members, but most of all he wants all members to come to the 40-day workshop and register and become part of the True Parentsí eternal family There are billions of people in the physical world and in the spirit world and we are the chosen few. I cannot impress upon you the importance of doing this. Everything else seems insignificant in comparison.

My husband and son are building a baseball field for all the members. It should be ready by the time you come, so if you have any baseball equipment you can leave here, gloves, bats, soft and hard balls, please bring that too. If someone has a copy of the movie, "Field of Dreams" please bring that too. We want to show it here. True Parents are building their Field of Dreams and waiting for you to become part of it. Wonít you join them for eternity? Hope to see you here soon.

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