40 Years in America


John Doroski

Witnessing at bus stops was a bummer. Witnessing at college campuses or missionary work in a foreign country was a bummer if one succeeded to gain spiritual children, raise and become close in heart to them; for one had to move on to new missions and become heartbroken. Hometown is Heavenly Fatherís gift to us, the gift of settlement. When I was pioneering in Texas, I set up a new age book table on the main route that more than 2,000 students passed at each hourly class change. I would see my spiritual children and hundreds of contacts nearly every day. Of course we all became close in heart. This is what hometown is -- taking up a community of people that you see daily or weekly and getting involved in improving their lives. It is neat. As I drive my car my hand goes up constantly to say hello. In the local supermarket and Seven Eleven my mind is challenged to add to the hello, to give some meaningful message. It is a great to dwell in a realm of endless give and take of love. We need not be gypsies anymore.

Prior to hometown most of us merely advertised about coming to hear lectures on Rev. Moonís Divine Principle. Now in hometown we have the opportunity to bear witness to the truth of the Divine Principle. It is great to not be a salesman anymore, but just to be loving and caring and have people all around ask: Who are you? Who are you and your wife? Why are your children so nice? Why is your home so peaceful? If they witness love, truth and peace within me through constant contact in the hometown community, they naturally come to believe my philosophy and that my God is real.

The Unification Church doesnít exist anymore. Only hometown and family church! God is everywhere and through hometown and restoration of the cow-dung culture, my wife and I are constantly discovering Heavenly Fatherís unsung heroes. We encourage them to give more, live longer and link up with the Family Federations International Networking Community to cross fertilize and add power to their kingdom-building work, already in progress.

Enjoy True Parentís gift. We are a thought form of God and the culture around us is a combined thought form of those living with physical bodies and associated spirit persons. Hometown is healing resentments and transforming thought forms to project Heavenly Fatherís Kingdom.

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