40 Years in America

America Will Always Be Home - Dr. Bo Hi Pak

As we commemorate forty years since the arrival of the first missionary dispatched by Father to the United States, Dr. Young Oon Kim, my spiritual mother, and at the dawn of the new millennium, I am indeed immensely grateful to God and True Parents for the opportunity to have served them in this great nation so blessed by God.

I served first in the capacity of a missionary, beginning in 1961 when I was assigned by the Republic of Korea government as a diplomat in Washington, D.C., and where I continued to work after leaving government service. Secondly, in the 1970s and 1980s, I served as Father's special assistant, translating most of Father's speeches to Unification Church members and the public and participating in the many public speaking tours that Father and Mother undertook. Finally, in the 1990s, although Father reassigned me to focus primarily on Asia and Korea, I maintained a keen and abiding interest in the unfolding of the Providence in America, which Father proclaimed the Elder Son nation. Although my primary residence is in Seoul, I maintain homes both in Virginia and Arizona.

For Mrs. Pak and me, America will always he home. We raised our children and grandchildren here. We worked with so many faithful brothers and sisters in a multitude of campaigns and organizations, including The News World, CAUSA International, the Summit Council for World Peace, HULA, the International Security Council, The Washington Times, and the American Constitutional Committee. Countless hours were spent in planning, meeting, praying, and shedding tears together.

Of many memorable events, in particular, I recall my battle with Congressman Donald Fraser in the nationís capital. In the halls of Congress, I declared, "I am a proud Korean and a proud Moonie!" Just as so many young Americans gave their lives for Korea, I have always been ready to give every ounce of blood, sweat and tears for this nation of America.

America is indispensable in its role in Godís providence. God has so richly blessed this nation. That is why, despite so much persecution and misunderstanding from this country, Father continues to love and sacrifice for America. He refuses to abandon it, because no other can truly fill its shoes. America is uniquely qualified to advance Godís providence worldwide. Father never loses hope that America will finally comprehend the mission and value of True Parents and respond according to Godís will.

Currently, we are living three miracles. First, we are living together in the same space and time with True Parents. This is not an ordinary time. There is only one True Parents in all human history, past and future. But our birth and life were timed in such a way that we are living together in the same time and space, breathing the same air, drinking the same water, traveling the same road. This is indeed a miracle. No question about it.

There are so many billions of people in the past, billions and billions who will live in the future, but none of them can say when they arrive in the spirit world, "We lived together with True Parents. We listened to his sermons. We heard his voice. We laughed together. We ate together." I want you to know that this alone makes our lives a million times worth living. It is one miracle.

The second miracle is that we all received the Blessing from the True Parents. No matter how we think we realize the importance and greatness of the Blessing of our True Parents, we really do not know its real value until we get to the spirit world. Still, we can understand that through the Blessing of True Parents, the Messiah has taken away our original sin. We have been given the power to give our children sinless birth. This is a revolution. Only one time in history will it take place, and particularly in our lifetime it is taking place.

The third miracle is that we are living to see the year 2000. You wonít see the year 4000, or the year 6000. In Divine Principle history, every 2,000 years great things happen, earth-shaking events occur. After the fall of man, the first 2,000 years God was searching for one beacon of light on earth Finally after darkness for 2,000 years, God found Abraham, the father of faith and it was another 2,000 years of suffering and preparation before Jesus could come.

The year 2,000 is the year our own True Parents will really illuminate the entire world. The entire world will know the coming of the messiah, the True Parents. A new era actually begins from the year 2000. You and I are living witnesses of that day. This is the third miracle. This is the greatest era.

Since Father moved his headquarters from Korea to the United States, December 18, 1971, I toiled with Father for twenty-five years. I translated for Father in all fifty states. I was not worthy to translate his message. I was not good enough. All I could do was sweat. That condition at least has been set. At Madison Square Garden and so many other speeches my clothes were soaking wet.

One day I said, "Father, I ask your forgiveness." He asked, "What are you talking about" "In translating your message," I said, "the Bible says you cannot add one word or subtract one word. It's that strict. But, Father, sometimes in my translation I added a word that you did not say. Sometimes I forgot words you had said. I feel as though I'm destined to go to hell. Have mercy upon me, because at least I sweated. Gallons and gallons. Because of all that sweat. Father, would you forgive the?"

You know w hat Father said? Nothing. He just smiled. So even today I do not know whether I am going to heaven or hell. But I do not worry about that. I have no time. Why? For Unificationists there is no hell. Father always taught us that wherever you go, turn hell into heaven. So here on earth we are turning the kingdom of hell into the kingdom of heaven. When we go into hell in spirit world, you will have the power to turn hell into heaven. So I don't care where I end up. Now as we stand on the verge of the 21st century, the age of True Parents is upon us. After forty years of the providence of bringing God's truth to America and witnessing to our True Parents, the time of difficulty. misunderstanding and persecution in this country is about to pass, and the opportunity for harvesting the fruits of the enormous efforts and indemnity paid -- by Tate Parents and members alike -- over these past forty years is upon us. You, my dear American brothers and sisters, will ultimately make this all possible. It is my fervent prayer for your complete victory and success in America.

God bless our True Parents, the families of our movement, and most of all, may God bless America!

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