40 Years in America

Michael Hentrich

Rev. Won Pil Kim (center) with UTS graduates from the class of 1978. They served as Home Church pioneers in England.

I became a state leader in various states. Father first sent me to North Dakota for three years. We had state leaders meetings every month. I took the bus, usually. It was the cheapest way to travel to New York from North Dakota. I fundraised with silver and turquoise jewelry there. I drove a little red Ford Pinto. President Durst came to visit me one day. I showed him my little apartment with my patented custom furniture inside and he scolded me for not pursuing the invention as a business.

I did home church in North Dakota. I really enjoyed that kind of witnessing and believe in it very much. I was living near the University campus there and I set up a book table outside of the library, even in the snowy winter months. I had a flip chart and displayed books and a special 1-hour Divine Principle tape which I was strongly inspired to create. That tape was one of the best things I ever did. That tape was passed around quickly and kids would listen to it in their dorm rooms with their friends. It quickly made its way to one of the most prominent spiritual leaders in the non-Christian community. I felt that we needed a brief expression that was more sensitive to controversial Christian doctrinal issues. This version was very good. It was definitely inspired.

One time, when I was fundraising out of necessity, we were told to do a witnessing condition. I could not stop, so I decided to combine my fundraising with a 7- day fast. I asked God to help me find someone to witness to. One day, at the end of the fast, I felt strongly steered by spirit world to a particular apartment building that I was not intending to go to. When I knocked on one of the doors, a girl answered the door and asked, "Are you with MFT or are you a local member?" I was shocked. She was Susan Schroeder. She said she had left the Church years ago but that she was hoping she would meet someone who could help her to come back. So many things like this happened.

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