40 Years in America

Nora Spurgin

New "sisters" meet for the first time at a WFWP conference.

One day I got a call to come and work with Women’s Federation. I traveled literally all over the world with True Mother, including Europe, China and Russia, and the USA and everywhere. It was hard for my husband, in my home town, taking care of the younger children, looking for a job while I was traveling all over the world with Mother. It was so powerful being with her and meeting all those people. It was exciting traveling and establishing the Women’s Federation. I worked with WFWP for seven years, and in the sisterhood ceremonies in 1995 and 1996.

Father called Mrs. Sugiyama and me to East Garden and said he wanted to do a sisterhood ceremony in the USA. They had done sisterhood ceremonies between Korean and Japanese women. In Korea, the Japanese women and Korean women sat across from each other at a table shook hands and signed something. Tomoko Duggan had the idea of a bridge; at first we thought it could be a decoration, but then we thought if it were a three-dimensional bridge with steps leading up to it, as a ceremony it would be very moving. It was such a heartistic experience. Looking back on it, it was so moving for everyone involved. It was more than a conference; it was much deeper. It was a heart experience, not a head experience.

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