40 Years in America

Larry Moffitt and Scott Avery

One bleak night in Denver we ran out of carnations with an hour to go before Frank Grow was to pick us up. We were in Sunburst (the band) and, as usual, we were fundraising. One of us said, "Hey, I know, letís sell snow. We have plenty of that."

It had snowed about four feet and the drifts were chest-high everywhere. So we filled up our buckets and went door-to-door selling "the white stuff." Definitely no danger of running out of product.

Iíll never forget the sight of Scott dredging up a big gob of snow for a woman who agreed to buy a dollarís worth. He studied the pile carefully, considered the size and weight, the cost-per-unit, overhead -- and then he scraped about a third of it back into the bucket!!

I thought I was going to die from laughter. Then, Scott handed it to the woman and she said, "Oh...just put it in the yard." We ended up selling quite a bit of snow. I only remember one person who was irritated by it.

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