40 Years in America

Beverly Bayne

New Age Frontiers, June, 1968

Father gives each of us a mission. I seriously doubt if mine is in the writing field, but I am nonetheless anxious and ready for whatever role I may be called to play.

Every time I recall how dubious I was when I was first witnessed to in Dupont Circle, I feel embarrassed. Still I know the Spirit of the Father must have been present, for the desire to come to the first lecture was like a wind at my back. To hear only one chapter and go away is like trying to eat one salted peanut. I found each week more exciting than the one before until I had received the conclusion and the wondrous truth. Now every week is Easter week, and restoration is at hand.

All my life, I have been plagued by shyness, and yet last Sunday I was among the singers in the middle of the circle while many curious onlookers sat about us. Instead of embarrassment I felt a sense of pride at being a member of the Family and having the privilege of sharing Fatherís heart with others who hunger after the truth as I did for so long. Yours, in Fatherís name.

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