40 Years in America


Jim Clark

Sunburst toured across the country. Eventually we found ourselves in Colorado, where we were directed to split into three parts and join the IOWC teams. After coming together a final time to perform at Notre Dame University, we were asked to regroup, and form two bands. I was chosen to lead the new Sunburst. The young people of America need new direction. They love music. We are almost a music-centered culture in terms of our youth. They love rock music and idolize rock musicians. Thatís why I began to think we need to have a stronger image visually and musically. I decided that we would move toward rock rather than playing a variety of types of music. I know some people will like us less for that, but I also know it will take us in the direction of the young people of America. We need a strong image to take to the American public. If we are too wishy-washy as performers or people, we wonít be taken seriously.

Father is teaching us to become people of true character, so we have to have strong character and to manifest that on stage. Our whole family life carries over on stage and is a reflection of our unity or lack of it. We need to be very serious about leading the best lives possible, and also about having the broadest experience possible, and not just in music. We donít just do music. We are involved in so many other things: home church, fundraising, restoration. These kinds of experiences make you a rounder person. When we write music, it can be deeper.

I have much hope for Sunburstís ability to appeal to young people. Weíre becoming more dynamic, and I feel each person in Sunburst is not just a person, but represents a certain kind of person.

My life is much different now than I ever thought it would be, and Iím so grateful. When I joined the church, I thought I would never play music again, but God gave it back to me and actually asked me to develop musically and culturally. If I invest myself completely in this mission, both God and I can fulfill our dreams, because our deepest desires are the same.

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