40 Years in America

Connecticut Church

The Way of the World, December 1971 (news article excerpts)
"City Religious Group Lives as Unification Family,"
by John Knoble, New Haven News, New Haven, CT.

A group of brighter than average young adults, who donít smoke, drink or use drugs, are living together as a "family" at 127 Dwight St. The group is bound together by commitment to the idea that the common principle of the great religions of the world can be the basis of a new unity for mankind. In an old-fashioned dining room, a Korean flag with the Tao symbol on the wall, the table laden with five plates stacked with fresh cookies, Judy Culbertson, 27, explained the Unification Family, which she said is the "youth thrust" of the half-million member World Church of the Unification, founded by South Korean Sun Myung Moon in 1951 when he was 31 years old.

Miss Culbertson said the family living arrangement is geared to the religious interest of the group. "It is not a commune but has the purpose of study and spiritual growth." She said that the Unification teaching that sex should be reserved for marriage is observed, but that the groupís attitude is not judgmental towards those that have other lifestyles. "We are not escapist about mankindís problems," Miss Culbertson said. "We are concerned about racial brotherhood, dealing with the problems of drug abuse and ecology -- the whole matter of renewing the world." The group finds "growing in understanding" and in ability to articulate Unification principles so engrossing that life in the house moves along without a dull moment.

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