40 Years in America

Fundraising Victories

Because of the disastrous state of the economy in the Soviet Union, many people expected miserable results from fundraising. The average Soviet worker earns about 300 rubles a month. While transportation, rent and food in the stores is affordable at such a salary, the stores are usually empty, and other necessities of life are wildly overpriced -- a decent pair of shoes costs 300-1,000 rubles, for example. People might be reluctant to part with even small amounts of money, especially since there is no cultural tradition of charity. Although the economic problems in the Soviet Union were very obvious, we felt the spiritual training aspect was primary, and made plans to begin, ignoring the voices of doubt and failure.

However, all expectations were wildly exceeded by the progress and development of the fundraising project. The formula course activity of fundraising proved to be the very thing that broke through to the Soviet students. Not only did they accomplish unprecedented success in raising money, but they also had daily experiences with the living God and the spiritual world as they made internal goals and worked hard every day.

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