40 Years in America

Peter Giossi

March 3, 1978

Dear Son,

I received your letter, and both of us are happy you are well. Pete, excuse this paper. I wrote from my job at Lambala Electronics on Route 110 in Melville. Peter, you have both our support at what you are doing. After 3 1/2 years, all I see is that you have changed for the better and that you are happy and alright and you have a full love for God and your Family, for which I thank God, Peter. I feel much better, so donít worry about us.

When you first went, I thought, what has that boy done? But as a police officer, I saw for myself after meeting all you youngsters, and I now tell people that you all are the brightest, most courteous youngsters in the world, and that that church is a lot better than some stupid people think. Some people wish that their kids had the guts to stand up and be counted. When the chips are down, that alone makes me proud of you all. Thatís why God is on your side. Keep it up, all of you, and be happy. Thatís what makes the world go round, not sitting on the side. You are in the ball game, and I am sure God will, in His time, bless you all for what you are doing. Remember the song about the ant who moved the mountain? God will bless you all.

Love, Mom and Dad

P.S.: You have my permission to show this to anyone. I had to keep writing because for the first time I have seen the injustice that some new things have to go through. That night at the New Yorker and in the Birthday party for Reverend Moon, I saw the light for the first time as if God said to me, "Al, you see that this is a good thing. Your son is with me, so go home and rejoice and be thankful. For blessed is he who believes and does not see, for he will see the Lord." Peter, believe me when I say we both love you. Naturally we would like to see you more often, but like Jesus did, you are doing and what he did you are all doing, but this time the ending is going to be more joyous. And someday, who knows? You may become a saint or better -- because people will say from the Far East came a prophet who changed the world and made things better for everyone.

Keep up being good and courteous; donít let some people bother you like I was telling you. Look ahead and not back, keep your eye on the star and someday that star will be yours. Everyone will wonder how you did it! And your answer will be, Love, brother!

Love, Dad

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