40 Years in America

Larry R. Moffitt

Yes, the fast on the Capitol steps. I was a two-or three-week-old member at the time. I had quite an experience as I suddenly realized: here I am sitting on the U.S. Capitol steps, with short hair, an American flag in one hand and a sign that says, "God bless President Nixon" in the other.

That, plus this being my first ever fast of any length, made this a three-day out-of-body experience. Pat Pierkowski, who was an IW in those days, said she looked at the crop of new members who had just joined in Texas and chose me as the one least likely to stay. She said I still had marijuana smoke coming out of my ears. I remember Neil Salonen. I remember Dan Fefferman singing. And brushing our teeth at Union Station. It rained hard one night; the rest is a blur. But I did survive. What a long, strange trip itís been.

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