40 Years in America

Sole Mates

Mark Johnson

My wife Giusi and I were matched in December of 1980. It was a most exciting time in our lives, to have the Messiah choose our eternal mate.

There were approximately 2,000 brothers and sisters there to receive the matching from our True Parents. Before going into the Grand Ballroom, as always we all removed our shoes. I remember finding a special place in the corner to put my shoes, so I would not forget were to find them after being matched. After all, there were about 2,000 pairs of shoes scattered about.

The matching started about 11 pm. About an hour into the matching our lives were changed. At that time I was an MFT member, and Father called brothers who fit into this category to stand up. After only a few moments (which seemed like forever) Father came over to me and asked my age and then pulled on my jacket. I do not remember seeing Giusi until we were walking up the stairs to talk about our matching. To my total surprise Giusi could not speak a word of English. She had just arrived from Italy at 9 pm that night and had never been in America or seen True Parents in person before. We did manage to get a translator for a few brief moments and quickly accepted the match. After we bowed to True Parents and had our picture taken we went to look for our shoes. Giusi just followed me all around the room till I got to the corner where I had put my shoes. I had to walk over piles of shoes to get there. Giusi just followed. I thought she did not understand what I was doing. I finally got to where the shoes were and as I bent over to pick up my shoes, so did Giusi. To our total surprise our shoes were touching, sitting next to each other. We both look at each other and understood what God had just done. We did not need language to explain what had just happened. It was just the beginning of a most wonderful life of true love.

My wife is now living in the spirit world, but our love goes on and eternal life together is our hope for the future. It is only because of God and True Parent that we could have such a most wonderful blessing. No words can express this enough.

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