40 Years in America

Mark Anderson

One time on MFT our team had come up five dollars short of our goal for a 40-day condition. As the captain, I decided to go out and make the last five dollars to achieve the goal. It was 4 a.m. and no businesses were open, but I got out of the van confident I could sell two more boxes of candy. I found an open manhole and heard some clinking sounds under the street beneath a hospital. A man was working on the pipes. I surprised him with my line about fundraising for my church and he bought two boxes. As I climbed up out of the manhole and headed back to the van where everyone was already sleeping, I could feel the presence of heaven.

A few months after I joined the church, I was selling peanuts at a stoplight in Chicago. After running back and forth all day at the light, I came home to the center and stayed up reading the Book of Revelation after all the "old members" had gone to bed. Suddenly, I felt the presence of a spirit that made me feel very euphoric, and as I continued to read, I was able to understand all the symbols in the Book of Revelation and what they related to in modern times. I was amazed at how these symbolic prophecies of the Second Coming were happening in my lifetime. The next thing that happened was that a painting on the wall of a vase of flowers came out of the wall and the flowers started moving as if the wind was blowing on them. After that finished, I went to bed.

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