The Words of the Orme Family

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Our Leader's Visit to Los Angeles (Doris Walder (Orme) - March 15, 1965)

Master's Visit To Rome, Italy (Doris Walder (Orme) - August 25, 1965)

Report On Our Leader's Visit To London (Doris Walder (Orme) - March 25, 1969)

The 1969 European Leadership Conference (Ursula Schuhmann, Teddy Verheyen, Dennis F. Orme, Doris B. Orme - October 4 - 5, 1969

The celebration of Children's Day was held at the main Center (Dennis and Doris Orme - November 30, 1969)

Strengthen The Unified Family movement in every way (Dennis and Doris Orme - January 1, 1970)

Judgment remains here in London (Dennis and Doris Orme - January 31, 1970)

The Federation for World Peace and Unification Established in England (Dennis Orme - April 7, 1970)

Patricia Hardman [Hartley] began her mission to Ireland (Dennis F. Orme - April 30, 1970)

Earlier in the month we opened a new center in Mitcham (Dennis and Doris Orme - June 30, 1970)

Satan -- A Myth or Reality? (Dennis F. Orme - July 1970)

Our Hyde Park speaking continues although with mounting opposition (Dennis and Doris Orme - July 30, 1970)

Many people seem to be more interested to listen the Divine Principle (Dennis and Doris Orme - August 1, 1970)

The apostles of Sun Myung Moon in a Tudor Cottage -- an interview of Doris Orme (Lulia Ball - September 11, 1970)

Finally, we make up little booklets of the Divine Principle (Doris and Dennis Orme - September 21 1970)

Report on the Second Annual European Conference (Doris Orme - October 31, 1970)

Opening Address Second Annual European Conference (Doris B. Orme - October 31, 1970)

National Report on Britain (Dennis Orme - October 31 -- November 2, 1970)

Building the Heart of Europe (Dennis Orme - October 31 -- November 2, 1970)

Closing Address of the President (Doris Orme - October 31 -- November 2, 1970)

Unity will be achieved step by step (Dennis and Doris Orme - November 24, 1970)

Several thousand people saw Our Leader's symbol (Dennis F. Orme - December 31, 1970)

In the Shoes of a Servant! (Dennis F. Orme - January 31, 1971)

The Anglican Church Leader Stands Against the Government in England and Northern Ireland (Dennis F. Orme - February 1971)

We obtained a center near the university city of Reading (Dennis and Doris Orme - March 2, 1971)

All in the Family here are happy (Dennis and Doris Orme - March 3, 1971)

Doris saw Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu standing between us as we prayed (Dennis F. Orme - April 17, 1971)

Religious Group Picks Oxon Farm for HQ (Dennis Orme - April 22, 1971)

Where the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together (Dennis F. Orme - May 1971)

A Centuries Old Tradition is Fading Away (Dennis F. Orme - May 1971)

The Scottish Mission was established (Dennis and Doris Orme - May 1, 1971)

The Bedford Sermon (Dennis F. Orme - May 16, 1971)

Into Divine Principle, My Testimony (Dennis F. Orme - June 1971)

Open-air services were held in Trafalgar Square, and in Bedford Market Square (Dennis F. Orme - June 1, 1971)

A of Wheel Turning Fire (Doris and Dennis Orme - June 22, 1971)

Our family has been on four to five hours sleep a night (Dennis and Doris Orme - July 5, 1971)

Captive Nations Week (Doris Orme - July 25, 1971)

More than 2,500 people have attended our programs (Dennis and Doris Orme - September 4, 1971)

Unified Family Come to Dunsden (Doris Orme - October 1971)

The Unified Family Singers were recorded for BBC Oxford (Dennis and Doris Orme - November 19, 1971)

We had the first radio broadcast featuring The Unified Family singers (Dennis and Doris Orme - December 1, 1971)

Opening up the Dispensation in the British Isles in 1972 (Dennis F. Orme - January 1, 1972)

We put on our show at the Oxford City Hall (Dennis Orme - January 31, 1972)

Why We Need a Revival? (Dennis and Doris Orme - March 1972 pdf)

Our Leader's three lectures in Britain were a great success (Dennis and Doris Orme - April 1972 pdf)

Our Stage Productions (Doris Orme - May 1972 pdf)

The Best Show testimony (Monica Durand - June 1972 pdf)

Oh how we long to meet face to face! (Dennis Orme - June 9, 1972 pdf)

British Report for July 1972 (Dennis Orme - August 1972 pdf)

The Movement is relentlessly expanding (Dennis and Doris Orme - September 28, 1972 pdf)

British Family report for September 1972 (Dennis Orme - October 1972 pdf)

A dream of North Korean leaders plotting the subversion of our homeland (Dennis and Doris Orme - October 2, 1972 pdf)

British Family Report for November 1972 (Dennis Orme - November 1972 pdf)

David SC Kim inspired the British Family (Dennis Orme - May 6, 1973 pdf)

Daily indemnity forms the backbone of the raising of the British nation (Dennis Orme - July 1973 pdf)

Joint Communique of the International Leadership Seminar (Dennis Orme - August 25, 1973 pdf)

Letters from the International Leadership Seminar (Denis Orme - October 1, 1973 pdf)

Dennis Orme challenges sixth formers at leading schools of South Wales (Marjorie Hill - April 1974 pdf)

We invite you to a unique weekend at our Workshop Centres - Witnessing Literature (Denis Orme - 1975 pdf)

European IOWC completes its tour in Great Britain, move on to the Continent (Dennis Orme - September 1, 1975 pdf)

Doris Orme: Living with the presence of God (Nancy Aune - Circa 1977)

Never Lose Sight of Your Dream (Young Oon Orme - June 1985)

How God And Jesus Led Me To Father (Doris Orme - 1987)

Life as Moonchild Far From Blessed (Young Oon Orme (Donna Collins) - February 11, 2001)

Death of a Moonie: Reflections of a "Blessed Child" (Donna (Young Oon) Orme-Collins - 2002)

Save Parents [Dennis and Doris Orme] from Dying on the Street (Donna Collins [Young Oon Orme] - May 20, 2014 pdf)

The Passing of Doris Orme, Bedford, United Kingdom (Jack Corley - April 27, 2016 pdf)

In Memory of Doris Orme (1930 - 2016) (Ki Hoon Kim and Michael Balcomb - May 19, 2016 pdf)

Eulogy to Doris Orme (William Haines - May 19, 2016 pdf)

Eulogy for Doris Orme (William Haines - May 19, 2015 pdf)

In honor of Doris Orme (Ron Pappalardo - May 22, 2016 pdf)

I have never regretted my time in the Moonies (As told to Gabriella Jozwiak - June 3, 2016 pdf)

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