The Words of the Orme Family

Judgment remains here in London

Dennis and Doris Orme
January 31, 1970
London, England

The year began with God's Day and prayer at the Holy Ground. We celebrated the following weekend decorating the center, whilst members contributed paintings, song and poetry. Billy Mitchell wrote a song called "A Wheel Turning Fire" which became a 'hit' with the family immediately, we hope to put in on tape for you. Doris spoke on the meaning of God's Day and read excerpts from sayings of Our Leader and Miss Kim. Special oriental foods were cooked including Kimchi and "Sukiyaki" which together with Korean music and the family songs gave us a physical as well as spiritual atmosphere.

Martin Burt and Ian Alexander spoke to Youth groups locally attracting much interest at the same time as gathering experience. Ian being on leave from the Army for three weeks was able to celebrate God's Day with us.

On the 16th January we began our first condition for 1970 each member witnessing to ten people with heart each day. Wilfred Manga an electronics engineer from Gambia (West- Africa) accepted. As a result we now have an intercom from the printing office to the center.

A three day condition was made to Norwich -- an experiment in developing techniques in contacting students at a university. Three members took part.

Judgment remains strong here in London and by the time this report reaches you June Darby will be on her way to Jordan, she will be the missionary in Amman.

Much love in Our True Parents Name,

Dennis and Doris 

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