The Words of the Orme Family

Many people seem to be more interested to listen the Divine Principle

Dennis and Doris Orme
August 1, 1970
London, England

Divine Principle Center of Dorney Cottage in England

Dearest Family,

It is always such a joy for us to tell you of our Beloved Father's work here in England. First of all this month has been one of restoration of our main center in Dorney, Windsor, and also one of really having a go on the weekends at Hyde Park Corner.

Many people seem to be more interested to listen especially since we were inspired to use a large blackboard to illustrate the first chapter. Several new people have come to the centers this month and so far two people have accepted, Janet Clarke, and Brendan Delaney. Janet is 20 and studying to be a teacher and Brendan is 17.

Witnessing of Unified Church at Mitcham

John Price lectured to the Young Conservatives this month and Carol Bartholomew lectured to an older group of truth seekers in London.

Klaus Werner from our German Family visited us for a month and all brothers and sisters here in England were so sorry to see him leave. It was a joy to see how our Father uses Klaus and all members learned many things from him.

Fernando Peraz from Spain paid us a short visit also and we were all so pleased to meet him, and hear of the work in Spain.

Lecturing of Divine Principle at Hyde Park Corner, London

We made a quick visit to the French Family this month on business, and we spent one wonderful evening hearing all the testimonies of our French brothers and sisters.

The love of our Father is so very strong there, and it was such a blessing for Dennis and I to be with them. We are so happy to announce to all the Family that our Father has chosen three of our Family to be blessed in the great event on October 21st in our Homeland. Alec Herzer, June Darby and Dennis Perrin are their names. Monsei for the Father.

Every day shows us more and more the wonder of our Father's love and inspires us to do far more than me have done in the past. Our hearts and prayers reach out to all of you throughout the world.

Many Blessings in

Our True Parents name,
Dennis and Doris Orme 

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