The Words of the Orme Family

Patricia Hardman [Hartley] began her mission to Ireland

Dennis F. Orme
April 30, 1970
London, England

The London Family sends heartfelt greetings to our Father and Mother and all the Family. We all are eager for news of Father's work whether we find it in The Way of the World or in Teddy's [Verheyen] reports; thank you Pauline [Verheyen] for sharing them.

This month seems to have been indemnity month. Perhaps for our summer growth. Dennis Perrin was knocked off his bicycle and five others went down with a virus. The center was disinfected from top to bottom and the hospital atmosphere has finally been overcome. Nevertheless the Family continued witnessing and one new member Hugh Dowling an artist joined the center.

Irene -- an Austrian-English girl from Belgium came to visit us. She stayed with us for five days before returning to Belgium.

Patricia Hardman [Hartley] began her mission to Ireland and is working in Dublin. We had hoped to send her earlier but she was able to assist Doris in looking after the baby. We hope you are now receiving reports from Dublin.

We began our summer speaking at Hyde Park Corner on the weekends and are now in the process of building a better speakers stand ready for next weekend.

Our launching of the FWPU began with our booklet -- Make Britain Safe. Several conditions made at this time such as walking round the Houses of Parliament seven times a distance of twelve miles before breakfast. The Pamphlet went to all members of Parliament and Chiefs of Police. Ten days later the Lord Chief Justice spoke out in no uncertain terms about violence, the need to protect the police and deal more severely with violence against the police. Generally the pamphlet had a good result. Prior to this pamphlet the situation here was deteriorating. We thank the Father for allowing us to expose Satan. Our next pamphlet -- the United Nations Finest Hour deals with Korea and Tibet.

We are still awaiting news concerning our new center and we pray that the Father's Will will be accomplished. We seem set for an active summer Monsei, Monsei, Monsei,

From us all,

Deepest Love in Our True Parents Name,
Dennis F. Orme 

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