The Words of the Orme Family

Satan -- A Myth or Reality?

Dennis F. Orme
July 1970

The Divine Principle shows very clearly that the purpose of man's growth is to perfect his physical and spiritual bodies. That we are to assume our true position as being in the image of God. Furthermore, that this should occur in one lifetime. Perhaps it is possible to foresee some of the mighty changes that will occur when this is fully understood.

Man's great technical ability will be harnessed through wisdom in a great way. The deserts of the world will be irrigated and everything will be used for good. Nations will give of their love and concern to other nations. The soil erosion and dustbowls that are created by ruthless commercial endeavor will become a memory of the barbaric past, when man seldom respected his fellow man or the creation around him.

For this to occur man needs more than idealism. Idealism does of prevent Satan from invading man's highest aspirations and ideals.

Millions of people think Satan is a myth. If we are to remove Evil, then we must understand the source of Evil.

How Evil Originated

The fact that Evil exists can be observed readily. Therefore, the pertinent question is to find how Satan exercises such a terrible influence on mankind. An influence so diabolical that Satan was able to tempt the Son of God by offering him the kingdoms of this Earth. Let us think logically; this would not be a temptation unless the kingdoms were his to offer. The Divine Principle shows that there is another entity other than God that seeks to govern the minds of man. It was man's satanic attitude that murdered Jesus -- the man Satan hated most, Man turned on and killed the very man who would have led them to a true spiritual freedom. Satan has claimed many great men, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, together millions in the World Wars who defended the freedoms that God intended man to have. Unless we recognize man is a spiritual being and understand how the spiritual entity we call Satan operates, we shall never understand why mankind turns on those who would best help and lead them. If we are to preserve our civilization then we had better understand how the forces that oppose the growth of man operate.

Mankind has such a great knowledge and ability that if he really wishes he can live abundantly. Such projects as the Zuider Zee reclamation of land and freshwater reservoir scheme could be repeated in many areas of the world including in this country. Likewise, the mighty Aswan Dan and Snowya River hydro-electric and irrigation schemes are but forerunners of what man can really do. If the world really did pool its resources, reserves and will. Then vast areas would be transformed. Yet Satan continually seeks to turn people against people, nation against nation, religion against religion, class against class, race against race, and even football spectator against football spectator.

Man must become alert to how Satan takes over. Satan seeks to divide; he uses great ingenuity, he has set nation against each other who have the same religious attitudes. Communists talk about the brotherhood of mankind and wage a class war that divides people against people- the very opposite of the brotherhood of man. It is against God and illogical. Nevertheless how alert are we to the devious cunning and wiles of Satan? Do loyal workers who uphold agreements and negotiate for higher wages receive encouragement for their exemplary attitude? No, they simply pay more taxes. Perhaps we have forgotten that God seeks to establish a unity in work. Then, if this is true, one way to defeat Satan is to promote incentives for unity, fifty per cent rebates of income tax for all firms and groups that are strike free for twelve months; this to include management and all employees.

If our purpose is God's purpose, our goal His goal. Our resolve His resolve. Then we had better start and play our part in ushering in a truly harmonious world, not only physically but in the Hearts of all mankind. There is a great future awaiting man if he has the courage to step forward and explore the laws which govern his existence -- and use them. The world will only be restored to its true beauty by our endeavor; that is our task. We must be able to detect and free mankind from satanic forces that continually cause great suffering and pain here on Earth. We must acknowledge the great hold Satan has on man. This is our adversary. Make no mistake about his grip on our society. God is calling man, and Satan is calling man. Unless God can raise mankind's thoughts and endeavor to the highest level, materialism will engulf our society. The mail who respects his enemy is a truly wise man; a knowledge and understanding of Satan in ourselves and others is, therefore, the key to pace, prosperity, beauty and harmony. It is this which gives The Divine Principle its unique position -- The complete Testament, The successor to the Old and New Testaments. 

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