The Words of the Orme Family

Opening up the Dispensation in the British Isles in 1972

Dennis F. Orme
January 1, 1972

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Orme and Honorable Mayor of Slough, Mrs. Henman and her husband (From left to right)

In the four years from 1968 the Unification Movement has established its base in the British Isles. Last year saw the HSA-UWC pass forty members with eight former members overseas, who are now members, of foreign families. In the last year we developed the capacity to put on shows and campaigns involving a considerable member of people. In addition the movement took over Rowlane Farmhouse on the edge of Reading and this has given us an office for the first time together with proper facilities for workshop weekends. As a result we now have an office for the first time, a printing room and photographic room whilst having room to maintain to vehicles and construct furniture and boards. Rowlane members are even beginning a small agricultural policy.

Seemingly also we have acquired much equipment of an electronic nature -- tape-recorders, film projectors, photographic equipment that increases out capacity to reach out. All of this bodes well for the future. Twice in the last two years we have moved our main center and this is always a major problem. Last year saw the closing of three centers and the opening of five new centers. At this moment of time we are looking for a further two, one of which we hope will be in central London.

Next year our main activity will naturally be our normal program of witnessing, this is carried out daily. In addition we shall be augmenting our reaching out with shows- musical shows. A full program for 1972 is booked beginning on January 8th at the Town Hall, Oxford.

As always with ever increasing numbers and talent within the Family it is a job to focus and deploy it to maximum advantage in overcoming Satan. Undoubtable the key to success and failure is indemnity, and the entire family have been on various conditions from walking almost fifty miles per day to praying seven times a day for ten minutes each time. If we are to break Satan's grip on the nation then 1972 must see the stepping up of indemnity, a greater discipline within the Family to exert a concentrated spiritual force for good on these Islands. Each nation has perhaps its good points and areas where is extremely active. Therefore some of our campaigns may well seem to be peculiarly British in character but our endeavor is to pick the more clear cut issues to gain members and experience in combating the wiles of Satan. Gradually we have been building up experience and by the time we have 120 members we should be able to mount really constructive campaigns.

What does 1972 hold for us? From the Divine Principle we know that as the years go on the struggle between the forces of good and the forces of evil will greatly be intensified. The challenges of 1972 will therefore be greater than of the previous years. Next year will be harder than the previous years and Satan's capacity to create misunderstandings and division mill increase. Therefore outward growth must be matched by a corresponding inward growth, if we are to cope effectively with challenges of Satan. Last year saw horizons open to us that we had never dreamt of and no doubt in the forthcoming year this will certainly by the case again. We pray only that we may be equal to the tasks ahead, that we may be humble to Our Heavenly Father and allow His mighty love and majestic wisdom to hold sway in all that we do. As we go forth we pray also that we may develop those characteristics of heart that will enable us to be better instrument of Our Father, perseverance, quietness of spirit, determination, patience, courage and an openness in heart that alone will enable us to forge a lasting unity of heart across the world. We pray that the next year will be a year when we deepen our understanding of Divine Principle, increase our vitality and bring a greater joy to our True Parents. 

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