The Words of the Orme Family

Report On Our Leader's Visit To London

Doris Walder (Orme)
March 25, 1969
London, England

Thursday, March 20: Excitement filled the English Center on this great day when our Father and Mother were to visit us. The Italian and Dutch Families were present for this great event. At 3:30 p, m. we all left for the airport filled with great joy and energy. Under the guidance of Miss Kim and Doris we prepared ourselves in the airport passenger arrival hall to meet our True Parents. Our heavenly Father flowed in each smile and pounded within each expectant heart.

It was a wonderfully proud moment when our Father and Mother came though the entrance doors, Tears of joy came from many eyes. Our True Parents were home in our hearts. They greeted us with smiles and great love. Bouquets of flowers were presented to our Father and Mother. In the evening the Leader talked on the topic of man's purpose and why God created man. The atmosphere was one of great enthusiasm, and the positiveness, compassion, and love ex pressed in our Leader's talk made a great impact on the sixty or seventy visitors who were present.

Friday, March 21: In the morning the Families asked our Leader and his party questions on life in Korea and various aspects of the Principle. Father asked each of us about our life, work, and previous religion. After lunch the party visited the Tower of London, where we saw the Crown Jewels. Our Leader seemed to enjoy this very much. Afterwards we went to see "The Sound of Music." During the evening our Father talked about the Second Advent to an audience of about seventy people.

Saturday, March 22: On a morning visit to the Holy Ground much interest and amusement was shown in Peter Pan's statue -- a particular favorite of Miss Kim's. At the Holy Tree our Leader prayed to our heavenly Father. We all felt how the language of the heart can make all people sense the oneness that God has destined to see fulfilled.

It was decided to visit the British Museum, where our Leader showed great interest in various exhibits from the remote past and those of recent civilizations. By the time we took leave of the Museum it was midday and arrangements had been made to have lunch at the Peking Duck in Soho. Occupying most of the restaurant, we thoroughly enjoyed some oriental food. In due time we headed home. The evening provided a further opportunity to hear Father speak in reply to many questions. The conflict between Communism and Democracy occupied much of the time. We were told of how the anti-communist theory came into being and of its effectiveness in defeating atheistic idealism. The purpose of salvation to a point where man would no longer be in need of restoration was discussed, as was the problem of reincarnation.

Sunday, March 23: At 10:15 am, we held a service in which we sang songs, prayed, and listened intently to Mr. Kuboki as he gave his testimony and spoke of activities in Japan. The service was one of great power from the heavenly Father. His presence was felt throughout the entire service. Our Leader presented flags of the Unification Church bearing his symbol to the English and Dutch Families.

After lunch our Leader and party went up the highest building in London, the Post Office Tower. In the evening we all sang songs for Our True Parents and they sang also. It was very wonderful to share in this inspiring occasion and see how Father and Mother enjoy and express the depth of the heavenly Father's heart. Our Leader gave a farewell message in which he talked of our path ahead and how we must defeat Satan and restore the world to God,

Monday. March 24: Our Leader and Mother departed for Germany from London Airport. As many as could went to see him off, Others departed for Amsterdam, where they would meet the Leader. So ended a memorable and truly historic five days, days which have enriched our lives for eternity, for which we shall ever be grateful. Thank you, Father. 

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