The Words of the Orme Family

Our Leader's Visit to Los Angeles

Doris Walder (Orme)
New Age Frontiers - March 15, 1965

On Friday, February 19, the Los Angeles members of the Unified Family, gathered at our Center in the evening for a family dinner and to await our Master's arrival. (Those present were Doris Walder, John Pinkerton, Teddy Verheyen, Bill Swain, Bud DeHaven, Maggie Compton, Zed Robinson, Harry Yundt, Eva Shanks, A1 Jones, Steve Questad, Gertrude Miles, and Carole Johnson.) The atmosphere was one of great anticipation and breathless excitement. At last the moment we had been longing for was here! Our Leader had arrived! We dashed outside to greet him, some of US had the feeling that we were moving through a dream. As he greeted and shook hands with each of us in turn, he seemed to already know us and radiate his love. His vitality and energy were absolutely amazing. That evening, as our Leader talked to us and we heard him pray for the first time, we became increasingly aware of his very dynamic personality. He manifested great physical and emotional power and strength, and tremendous spiritual depth, particularly when he prayed.

He seemed to be all-knowing, having great wisdom and understanding.

On February 20, some of our Family (12) took our Leader on a whale hunt in the San Diego area. He was the only one who had no trouble maintaining balance on ship, and when the others were showered with spray, it seemed to by-pass him completely. Saturday evening an open meeting was held for all members and any interested persons who were familiar with Principle and its conclusion. Our Leader gave a resume of the entire Principle that evening. An interesting side light of the evening involved one of the members of our Family, Bill Swain.

He still had some doubts about the Principle at the time of the Leader's arrival. That evening, when he came in to the meeting, Zed was introducing our Leader, Bill glanced over at our Leader and was shocked to see his grandmother who has been deceased several years standing right behind our Leader. He said she looked just as she had in the physical. She looked at Bill, smiled slightly, indicated our Leader, and told Bill to "listen!" Then she was gone, Needless to say, this was quite an experience for Bill, and increased his understanding and dedication toward our Leader and the Principle.

On Sunday morning, February 21, the blessing of the Holy Ground took place in Griffith Park. Several things made great impressions on all of us that morning. As one member expressed it, he was truly like a "King of Kings" as he climbed the mountain. One moment he was at the bottom of the mountain looking for a trail, and then he literally shot up the mountain and was at the top before anyone realized it.

He exhibited tremendous vigor and strength; his energy and vitality seemed boundless. During the blessing, every movement showed purpose and reverence, and we instinctively knew Father was guiding him.

During the extraordinarily moving prayer which followed, we all felt the spirit of God moving on us. We felt very honored and extremely humble at being allowed the privilege of participation in this most significant ceremony. We felt so close to God while standing there on His ground with His Son. The thought that this place would become an eternal shrine was awe inspiring.

Sunday afternoon the Family witnessed in MacArthur Park and that evening the first question and answer session was held. We all liked this type of session with our Master because we received much information which could not be obtained in formal talks, and also answers to personal questions.

On Monday, Feb. 22, some of us accompanied our Leader to a showing of the movie, "The Greatest Story Ever Told," the story of Jesus' life. The thought occurred to us as we sat there in the darkened theater that the situation was truly ironic, because we were with the one man whose life is truly "The Greatest Story Ever Told," If only those people could have known who was with them that afternoon! How we longed to shout it from the roof!! (On Monday we also welcomed Sandi Pinkerton and little Heather in to our Los Angeles Family, John had preceded them the week before.)

Tuesday evening the second question and answer forum was held. During the evening, Jacque Drabier was telling our Leader about his mission to France when he began to see our Leader's beautiful aura. He proceeded to describe it to those of us who were not gifted with spiritual sight. Another of our group, Sheri Clegg, also related the details of a most significant dream which she had concerning the Principles, during which she felt our Father's presence. This had served to eliminate her doubts also. Wednesday night, February 24, was the farewell meeting for our Master and his party. It was a night of mixed emotions, for we felt great joy at having been privileged to have our Leader with us, yet we felt a deep sorrow that he was leaving us so soon. The responsibility and seriousness of our missions weighed heaviiy upon us, but our Master is inspiring example stood before us to illumine the way.

He wanted to leave us a gift, so he sang a solo of 'Arirang'. It was quite an experience to hear him sing with such feeling, Then he prayed such a heart-rending prayer that our hearts felt pierced in agony.

Our Leader's only responsibility to us is knowledge, and yet he showed great compassion and love for us all. Some felt it as fire when around him; some felt totally illuminated with light; others felt spiritually rejuvenated. There was a feeling of peace and serenity which eliminated the need for prayer when one was around him.

On Thursday morning, Feb, 25, nine members went to the Holy Ground to bury the holy stone. Afterwards, our Leader's party left enroute to Phoenix, leaving behind a Family more dedicated than ever to the Principles and to the mission of bringing not only the City of Angels to God but the entire world to Him.

Doris and Maggie also left Thursday morning. We wish our sister Maggie well in her mission to Dallas, and bid an affectionate farewell to Doris. We learned many things from her, and owe much to her here in Los Angeles.

John and Teddy accompanied our Leader and party to Phoenix, and participated in the blessing of the highest point (Mt. Whitney) and the lowest point (Death Valley) in the United States. They stopped again in Las Vegas where our Leader stayed at the Stardust Hotel and blessed Holy Ground in Lion's Park there.

On Saturday, March 6th, ten of us traveled to Mt. Whitney to bury the Holy Stone and pray for our nation. There were three men, four women, and three children (girls). Of this number, four were Negroes and six were Caucasian. The numbers seemed very significant to us. The trip was very inspiring, and there was an atmosphere of spiritual serenity and peace as we stood and prayed as if our Leader was there with us. 

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