The Words of the Orme Family

We obtained a center near the university city of Reading

Dennis and Doris Orme
March 2, 1971
London, Great Britain

We sincerely hope this monthly report on the work of our Father here in Britain reaches you, as we are sending it via Paris, because of the prolonged postal strike. The strike is now in its fifth week, with no sign of ending in the near future.

The month of January and February has brought many changes in our family.

First of all we obtained another center near the university city of Reading. It is three miles out of the city and is called Rowlane Farmhouse. The house is very large and should easily accommodate fifty or more members. It has twelve large rooms and two small, plus four baths and six lavatories.

Another good feature about it is it has out buildings, which we can use for our business projects and offices. There is much ground also which will enable us to grow all our vegetables for the center. We rented it on the basis of using it as a teaching and living establishment.

Another project is we have now rented a good sized hall in Oxford. The hall is situated right in the center of this busy University town. The hall has a kitchen and bathroom facilities, so it will enable some of our members to live there while contacting Oxford students.

Through the efforts of some of our University students, we are now speaking weekly at the London University, Westfield College, Chelsea College and the University of London student-'s Union and Eton College near our Dorney Center.

We are in the process of trying to obtain another center right near London, but as of this date do not know the outcome of our, efforts.

All the members are now on indemnity drives of prayer and every weekend three of the men walk fifty miles covering the London area. They leave on Friday evening and walk all through the night until Saturday evening. All say they really feel in heart how our brothers and sisters in Korea must have felt so many times walked for Our Father. The last few miles are really painful and the pace is very slow; but as our Father's love is so strong, their faces are all alight with His Light.

Thank you Father for the feet of your disciples, taking this world back from Satan, with every painful step.

This month two Americans who have heard Principle here in London returned to the U.S. We all wish John Hessel and Maureen Murphy success in the restoration of their country. Carl Redmond returned from Germany and is now working in the Mitcham Center.

Our hearts are overflowing with gratefulness to Our Father and Mother and all brothers and sisters in Our Homeland.

Deepest love,

In Our True Parents Name,
Dennis and Doris Orme 

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