The Words of the Orme Family

Unity will be achieved step by step

Dennis and Doris Orme
November 24, 1970
Dorney Cottage, Britain

Dear Mrs. [Won Bok] Choi,

The reports of the conference at Essen are enclosed. As always it is difficult for us so closely involved to judge the success or failures of this conference. I know you will be able to reach a better judgment.

Basically the key to our progress is in the meeting of national leaders. Doris and I have felt for some time that Unity will only be achieved step by step, and we recognize that we are laying foundations for the future. Consequently we placed this meeting at the end of the conference in order that we can have two days of prayerful activity together building a base. The conference in this aspect was a success. The meeting between leaders of nations was at times severe, frank, humorous and extremely active. Mutual discussion took place on basic issues-communication, money and co-operation. Then with a little prodding and care we got down to the basic spiritual issues. These were varied and included sensitive issues between individuals and countries. Satan was the Father.

Sometime ago I received about Miss Kim being in the role of a person pruning an apple tree. If you prune (cut off) wasteful growth early on, it saves retarding the growth of the tree when later you may have to lop off wrongly formed branches. Pruning is a means of guiding the growth and good pruning every year stimulates growth and leads to a perfect tree being formed. When I received this I felt very sad that Europe did not have its pruner. Even now we feel it would be good for someone to take this role since both big and little nations alike can benefit. We realize that as the movement grows bigger, the problems of keeping it together will also grow bigger. No doubt Peter will have something to say on this problem of keeping Europe growing healthily. We decided that the little mini-conferences should be held under his chairmanship so that he can help keep us all together.

As always the Father showed us many things and we perhaps learnt more than anyone else. Basically the leaders here in Europe are determined to build a better Family. We have enjoyed the very stimulating experience of working together during these conferences. Thank you Father and Mother for bringing us together,

In Our True Parents Name,
Dennis and Doris 

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