The Words of the Orme Family

National Report on Britain

Dennis Orme
October 31 -- November 2, 1970
Second European Conference
Essen, West Germany

Dennis Orme Speaking to The conference

The last conference in London inspired us to go campaigning as they do in Germany and Holland. We had 12 members and used sandwich boards. Now we have three centers and 27 members who work full time and several other members who also witness to Principle on the outside. The English or rather British are conservative and do not like to be approached by strangers. So we must make them approach us. So experimenting with various methods has led us to us large boards' colorful and attractive so that they approach us. We also have a money problem so we must also make money and consequently we sell booklets at 12 U.S. cents each. One board earns on the average five English Pounds (12 U.S. dollars) per day. Four boards therefore earn twenty (20) pounds-48 dollars per day. This method we use on all our campaigns -- Divine Principle, Federation for World Peace and Victory over Communism. The average sale per week is over 1,000 booklets. On our return we shall be using six boards at weekend and will start campaigning throughout the week with regular campaigners.

Our main center had to be moved and Father led u. in a wonderful way. It was impossible to find anything in London we could afford. Father led us to an old dilapidated house, outside of London. Which is now restored and very beautiful.

The Divine Blessings were mentioned in five newspapers and I have copies for younger nations and photographs. The Blessing was on TV over the national networks and in color.

I tell members we have four years to reach the nation's youth, by then we must be reaching thousands at a time. We are developing group contacts, political groups, church groups, youth groups etc. We have just begun to do this and members have lectured in school, to political and youth groups but we have a long way to go.

At Hyde Park we lecture and teach principle directly and use the blackboard which is very successful. In the future we hope to open a business and center combined.


Leader: Dennis and Doris Orme.

Headquarters: Dorney Cottage, Dorney, Windsor, Berks SL4 6QW

In Charge Business Affairs: Ian Alexander.

In Charge Federation for World Peace and Unification: Michael Marshall

In Charge IFVC: Leslie Snowdon

No. of fully dedicated members: 27

Total No. of members: 35

Total no. of centers: 3

Date of opening of first center: October 1967.

Addresses of other centers:

305 Commonside East, Mitcham, Surrey
Tel. 01-640-3153

22 Merrilands Rd., Worcester Park, Surrey
Tel. 01-337-6323 

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